FFX Jecht Battle?


It depends,if you did a lot of side quests and trained like there’s no tomorrow then his as simple as they come,but if you just went directly to him without the secret summons or weapons powered up then,he is really hard.

This thread spoils the game!

anyways, you went overboard with training your characters.


not much to spoil though…

As for overpowering your character… I think it rocks to be able to take out one of the final bosses with relitave ease. It can take away from the exciting feeling of nearly dying and then beating him/her… So my solution is… Make the enemies harder! Nothing wrong with a fudging hard game, right?



There are Harder Bosses if you have either Pal or International Vertions. If you’ve left Macarena Temple with out using Distruction Sphere you’ll see her.

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