FFX Hidden Locations

Can anyone enlighten me? I believe I have most of them, but apparently there’s some temple to find (Ebon? Rem-something or other?)

Are these the same temples? Are they only in the international versions?

Are the Omega Ruins the only uber-strong-enemies place in FFX? Cuz every other location I have is either treasure locations. I got Yojimbo on my regular playthrough before Gagazet, and I need to get the D. Sphere in Zanarkand to release Anima. So I’m pretty sure I’ve found every location, but Im just wondering about the temple situation and if I’m missing anything.

Came to check the boards, so I might as well help you out.

Ebon Temple is the same as Baaj Temple, I believe. Were you reading the FAQ for the Japanese game? And Remiem Temple is located at the Calm Lands. Basically, you ride a Chocobo to around the Macalania Forest entrance, and look for a Choco Feather on the ground. Press X there and you’ll leap to the Remiem Temple area.

As for the enemies in Omega Ruins, there are much more powerful things in the Arena. The only enemies that ARE missing in the North America version are the Dark Aeons and Penance. We still get all the arena bosses.

Actually, Remiem Temple is in the southeast, not up near the Macalania Woods. And yes, the Monster Arena contains the most insane bosses, Omega Ruins aren’t half as bad.

Yeah I tried fighting Cactuar King and it was a big mistake. So basically I’m running around in Omega Ruins trying to gain a lot of sphere levels while capturing what I can. Then I plan to go to the other easy places and capture, so you can tell that i want to do the whole Overdrive=AP/Triple AP and whatnot. Maybe not to the full extent, because there’s no fun in that, but I do want some sort of customization like that in my weapon because I plan to master the sphere grid.

But I didn’t know the bosses in the arena are as bad as you say. Oo I’m going to have fun.

I figured Ebon was a translation, but I wasn’t sure.

Sorry for couble posting but I figure I’ll just ask another question here rather than creating a new thread.

If I fight certain monsters at the arena and then go back and catch more, can I continually bring in more items? for instance, I didn’t know Double AP only works on one frigging person, so I want to customize every weapon with it, but I only have 10 elixers. If I exhaust the monster supply necessary to get 30 of them the first time, can I repeat the process (catching the right amount of monsters) again to get 30 more?

I think you should be able to do it that way. There is theoretically no limit to the amount of items you can snag from monsters provided you fight them over and over, so if you have the time and the patience, you should also get the items. :slight_smile:

No I mean like, the guy at the arena will give you special items for catching certain amounts/species of monsters. I’m wondering if you exhaust your supply of monsters caught at the arena (killing off all of them, since you can only have 10) and go back and catch more, will the guy give you an amount of special items twice? Or does he only do that the first time?

edit: Damn, no matter how much you fight, the numbers of monsters you have caught doesn’t decrease. Grr. Never mind.


Yeah, catching multiple monsters is only relevant for getting the ultimate monster to show up. You need 10 of everything, and a whole ocean of patience to do it; catching 10 Tonberries is sadistic!

By the way, why not get the weapons with Triple AP? All you have to do is fight the One Eye boss in the Monster Arena, and he’ll drop weapons every now and then. When he drops one that contains 3 customization slots, keep it; sell the rest for some Gil. Now, customize the weapon with Overdrive - AP and Triple Overdrive, and you’ve got the ultimate AP weapon! And if you use the Don Tonberry trick, well… let’s just say you’ll easily be able to traverse the entire Sphere Grid. 8P

One more thing; there’s a bug that you should be aware of. If you unlock Nemesis after defeating one or several Creations and then don’t save or leave the arena after doing so, the trainer won’t acknowledge that you have completed all the requirements and you may not be able to battle Nemesis. It happened to me, and it drove me absolutely mad!

Tried it.I didn’t last more than 3 rounds against One Eye :stuck_out_tongue:

D’oh… but, you do have the Magus Sisters, right? If by chance you get Mindy to use Passado, you can win that fight. 8)

Indeed I do. I guess I will have to keep trying with her.


It’s not catching them that’s difficult, it’s getting them to appear. It’s taken me two days just to capture 4 because they’re so rare.