FFX Help

I need help with Sins head…

To me it doesnt seem fair if anyone can help me plz do so

Did you break the damage barrier?

To get lots of good items that you can turn into awesome weapon mods, fight the custom creatures at the Monster Farm thing in the calm lands. Eventually, you should get items for MP Cost 1, give it to Lulu and double cast flare over and over.

Samuis, to be able to give some proper advice it would be nice, if you could tell us who you are using, and other little things.

But for more general advice. If you have not already done so, go and collect monster for the Monster Arena, that way you complete a side quest, and build up your strength as well. Especailly if you do it around the later areas of the game.

Again if you have not already done so go get the hidden aeons, they can be extremely powerful, and can come in handy.

Hope that helps.

This is the battle with the “time limit”, right?

For that battle I believe I broke the damage barrier for at least a couple of Aeons. I do know that I saved all of my Overdrives (character and aeon) for this one battle, since one can’t afford to screw around in this case.

Break damage limit? You need that for this battle?

Anyway, make sure everyone has a full overdrive before starting. Open up with your ranged attackers: Wakka, Lulu, and Yuna (Holy is devastating, I hit constant 9999 in this battle with it), or if you gave Kimhari some attack magic, him too. Once Sin gets in close enough to hit, switch in Auron and Tidus, and try to bring in anyone else you missed if you want them all to share AP.
Aeon overdrives are nice IF you have the break damage barrier, but they’re pretty slow too, so you’ve got to watch that. I only lost the battle the first time because I wanted to see what Sin’s attack looked like. I was disappointed.

sins head was a breeze for me. all you have to do is go to the omega dungeon and level up yuna. every time she gets spheres for the grid her aeons get stronger. i also recomend having the magus sisters in overdrive if you have them.:moogle: