FFX help

Just a quick question if anybody can help me:

Where do you get enough Purifying Salt to make a weapon with the No Encounters ability. I’ve been going thourgh my strategy guide a million times and the only thing it says is to fight the Hornet in the arena. It gives you like 2 but its only a rare steal.

I’m not going to even try lightning dodging without it so any help will be greatly appreciated.

Go to Zanarkand Dome and fight Fallen Monks. They have it as a rare steal, but the monks come up fairly often. Or, I believe the Wraith (Omega Ruins or Inside Sin) will drop a piece of armor with the No Encounters ability. I’m not sure on that though.

There’s an optional boss, I think, that drops a weapon with the no encouters ability. Possibly Geosgano, the underwater creature that attacks Tidus at the ruins early on in the game. Of course, I think you have to find the hidden location on the map to be able to return there. I know I got a no encounters weapon without using purifying salts and I’m almost certain that’s where I got it.

Demigod is right, you can get a “No Encounter” weapon, from beating Geosgano. So you don’t have to go through with getting the Purifying Salts.

Thanks a lot guys.

But “you can” doesn’t mean you will, it’s only random whether you do or not.

When I fought Geosgano, I’d keep resetting until I got it. It only took me two fights. Not bad, right?

Lulu has a piece of equipment that has No-Encounter on it, but I forget where it is except I think you have to know the co-ordinates on the map to get it.

That may be true Sunny, but I can’t remember what the locations hid. However I don’t remember them holding an No-Encounter weapon, but I could be wrong.

I still say that fighting Geosgano, is the best way to go, to get what Bahamut is going for.

Im pretty sure there is one, but like you I cant remember the location seeing as I havnt played in forever, but I have a Peaceful Bangle and geosgano drops items with No Encounters but they have normal names. At least I think thats right.

Thanks again, I think I’ll do what Vicki did and fight Geosgano until I get one. I need to get the Onion Knight anyway if I want to do the lighning dodging.

I still can’t believe I was able to to pull of the butterfly catching and chocobo training though without any help. Well, the Chocobo training was dumb luck and I doubt that I’ll ever be able to do it again :hahaha; .

I’ll do that or capture a lot of monsters for the arena and fight and Abadon. They cary Purifying Salt x3. I need to level my people up anyway.

EDIT: I have no clue what happened

What the hell happened there?

I finally got Purifying Salt x99 as a reward for capturing monsters for the arena. I’ve tried lightning dodging and it’s been a pain in my ass!

Yeah it is. What I find annoying is that once you get hit, you have to start again. I was on 151, or something, and I did that without the No Encounter ability, now that is annoying!!

Dodging lightning is easy…

And for those not wanting to capture enemies and like to steal…

Go to Remiem Temple (go from Calm Lands). Race the Chocobo, get 4 (it may be 3) chests, don’t hit a pole, get first. Try different chests, some have better positioning than others. You’ll get 30 Amulets (or something).

Use Rikku’s Customize ability to use the 30 items to give her (preferably, but Tidus is another good choice if he can Steal) the Master Thief ability.

Go to Zanarkand Dome.

Steal from Monks. Beat up Monks. Say “YAY!”

Originally posted by Heaven’s Soldier
Demigod is right, you can get a “No Encounter” weapon, from beating Geosgano. So you don’t have to go through with getting the Purifying Salts.
No you can’t. No Encounter is an armor ability. There is an exception however. The Japanese version and I believe the first batch released in North America accidently contained a weapon with No Encounter on it just outside the Djose Temple. I believe it was Lu’s Weapon.

I was just saying it was a weapon because Demigod had already said it, since I did not remember whether it was a weapon or armouyr skill.

Anyway, Bahamut knew what I meant, so it does not matter.

Xelo, the weapons dropped by Geosgaeno have No Encounters on them. Not armor, weapons. :sunglasses:

Update: I’ve done the lightning dodging and got the Venus Sigil. I now have all the Celestial Weapons maxed out except for Wakka’s. I’m not sure if I’ll do his yet. Now I’m leveling up in the Omega Dungeon, capturing monsters there. Thanks again everyone for all your help.

Bahamutl, I know what you mean, getting Wakkas items can be really difficult, if you don’t like Blitzball.

Also I think it is a good idea to have a Aeon that does predictable damage, namely Ifrit doing 9999, all the time. It really helped in my monster capturing.

Anyway, good luck.