FFX, good/bad?

:noway: <br>
when i played FFX for the first time i found it really crap. does anyone here actully “like” the game.

it’s alright, would’ve been nice if it had an actual overworld…

I found it pretty enjoyable, overall.

Just for reference, people generally don’t like it when you call things “crap” without backing up your statements. It doesn’t reflect very well on how much you thought out what you said.

Storyline was very nice. Could’ve done more with exploration and an overmap, like Zhou Yu said. Also, I didn’t find Blitzball fun at all -_-; too technical.

Well, some people like Blitzball. I guess it’s all up to your tastes.

I liked the combination of Blitz/Capturing/Killing Dark Aeons/Getting Celestials in general. Blitz wouldn’t have been as fun if I didn’t have a true goal… Dark Matters… (I got like, 15 of those on blitz alone…)

FFX was pretty cool. The story was pretty basic though, and i REALLY detested how you couldn’t “stray” from the path.

But all in i enjoyed playing through it once, although i probably won’t be playing through it again any time soon.

Oh yeah, Blitzball SUCKS…

“Worst Mini Game ever!” - Simspon’s Comic Book store guy’s voice

Really like it. It was like a great movie. :o

(It really does felt like one though, for me.)

i also like FF games that are supposed to be more like GAMES, unlike this one…

…but i still liked it.

I thought it was great, I like Blitzball, probably because I’m good at it. But I admit that the plot was pretty basic like Krizpy said.

FFX Blows out of the water nigtime. From most of the characters to the story to levelup system it’s just a bad game. Not FF worthy.

I TOTALLY agree with you.<br>
It was good as a game but really bad as a Final Fantasy game.

You know what, when you gyus start listing off hard solid evidence that FFX deserves to be shit on, MAYBE I’l possibly consider thinking twice about completing the shrine. (Not bloody likely).

i thought it was awesome. just like ucha-ki-pata said, it felt like a movie. i liked the cloister of trials puzzles and the storyline, though i thought it got kinda… um… cheesy, at the end.
blitzball was cool. and as everyone probably agrees with me:

yu yevon was a wimp

Well duh. The last boss was meant to be Braska’s Final Aeon, with the remainder as storyline fights to sum it up. I mean, they wouldn’t just give you auto-life automatically for the last battle, would they?

yeah, but it still was the last thing we fought : )

To quote myself from an earlier thread…

I didn’t enjoy it much. The story kinda sucked, especially compared to previous game slike FF6/7, or even FF9/8.

The characters were all horrible, with the exception of Wakka and Auron. Ironically, the two most important characters, Yuna and Tidus, were the worst.

The reason they sucked was their voice acting. Yuna… ugh. Whoever did her voice and whoever did her lines should both be shot. They may have been good in the original Japanese format, I wouldn’t know, but it loses any quality it might have had in the English version.

It had the same problem FF9/8 had, although not quite as bad as 9: It introduced the “enemy”, Yu Yevon, very late into the game. Emotionally, I couldn’t care less what happened to it.

Also, there wasn’t as much of a sense of… importance. Were my party to die, it didn’t matter. The world would be fine, for a few years at least, because some other summoning party would do there thing.

I don’t know, perhaps it’s just my Nintendo fanboyishness showing through, but I didn’t like it much.

i found it to be more like a movie than an actual game…

games with limited interactivity does not a happy zhou yu make…

I liked it. Not as good as some, perhaps, but certainly better than others. And Blitzball was great.

I really liked FFX overall, and I don’t see how it isn’t FF worthy.