FFX Dark Yojimbo

I’ve managed to beat this guy quite a few times, but I lost count…does the final fight with him end with the summoner running out of the Cavern?

Cause he did, but when I returned to he Cavern Dark Yojimbo was back at fight 1 (where you go to the end of the Cavern then come back), I’m just beginning to wonder if there’s a glitch in the game, so could someone lend me a hand?

The Dark Aeons are ultra powerful, they are just some pain for Internatal gamers.

You don’t have to fight the Dark Aeons to complete the game. You can use the Save sphere to get to the Airship, You only need to fight normal Yojimbo and win in the cave. The Second time at Requlem Temple.


Hmmm…you have to chase him around the cave and kill him 5-6 times. If you’re not sure if it’s over, thoroughly check every corner of the cave before having a party. :wink: And you’ve gotta do it without turning off the PS2 or resetting it. Ah, and BigNutter, the Dark Aeons are the reason for International AND European players to max their stats and make their characters gods. It added so much fun to my game. And when you kill them all, a new location appears on the world map: “Penance”, the ultimate challenge. It taught me what luck is for in FFX (even if I have yet to beat it…).

Thanks. Does anybody know a way to get lots of Power/Speed spheres?
My Tidus has 255 on every stat except magic, but my Auron and Yuna are terribly weak, so I need some spheres. I’ve just been using Extract Power and stuff like that, but it’s too slow.

There are excellent stat maxing guides on gamefaqs. Check them out.

Try battling Kottos in the Fighting Arena. Use a Distiller item on him to cause him to drop whichever kind of Sphere you like, and he’ll drop 20 per battle (40 if you Overkill him).