FFX-2 Question

Just a question about learning the blue bullet skill called ‘cry in the night’. Is it just random when the mega tonberry oversouls? because with the other enemies, they oversoul after being killed a certain amount of times, but this guy seems to just randomly do it whenever.
Is there more of a chance of him oversouling the deeper you go down? I’m on the 69th level and he hardly ever does it. he’s only done it twice so far.


yeah, been there. but they don’t have an answer for everything. just getting as much info from different sources as i can.

I’m sure it tells you how to get the blue magic. If you know when it does the attack, just wait till does it.

A fiend will oversoul after killing a certain number of the same type. In the case of the Tonberry type, you have to kill a total of 16 for the next one to oversoul. Only one fiend of a single type can oversoul in a battle, so if there are multiple fiends (there are usually two regular Tonberries along with the Mega Tonberry) what fiend will oversoul is random. The oversoul counter only resets if you kill an oversouled fiend, but that doesn’t help you much since I don’t believe you can’t run from Mega Tonberries, so you’d be best off keeping track how many you’ve killed since the last oversoul and save right before the counter hits 16 so killing one or both of the regular Tonberries will cause the Mega Tonberry to oversoul.