FFX-2 Help

Im replaying this for perfect completeion.

In chapter 1, after clasko joins you in the airship, you have to talk to him. What all is he suppost to say? All ive got him to say is “why is the ship shaking?”

If thast right, I just figured hed have a whole spiel to say.

Also, what are the best classes to train everyone on? I get the defaults to each, but what beyond that?

I think just getting Clasko on the ship and talking to him is all you do for Chapter 1; I don’t think there’s anything else to him until Chapter 2.

Other than the defaults for each, I used Alchemist and Dark Knight a lot. Songstress is good for one boss in Via Infinito, and of course the Gunner with Trigger Happy and some Cat Nip… I spent some time on the Mascots when I got them on my second playthrough and by default the classes that are associated with each (Yuna - Warrior and Dark Knight, Rikku - Berserker and White Mage, Paine - Samurai and Black Mage); having those abilities is more useful when you’ve trained on those classes already. Anyway, those first two classes I mentioned were by far the most useful for me.

Are you confusing Paine and Yuna? As Paine is the warrior to start off with.

Believe it or not, I’m not confusing them - Yuna uses Warrior skills with her Mascot.

Ah, I gotcha. I didn realize that. I thought you meant their starting classes were as such, not the mascots.

Mascot is great, as is Gunner. Berserker is nice for the stat bonuses and Auto-Regen. And White Mage is a must for emergencies, of course. Dark Knight is good for the Via Infinito (HP stats). Alchemist and Lady Luck can also be useful, but it takes a long time to level them up to the point where they are.

Generally I just like learning as many abilities as I possibly can, so I juggle the jobs for each character so every job is pretty much mastered by at least one person at the end of the second playthrough. The only job which was a real pain to level up was Songstress (and Alchemist, which takes FOREVER to master).

Usually I have Yuna being the alchemist/gunner Paine dark knight/warrior/samurai/black mage and rikku lady luck/thief/dark knight/whie mage
The formation i use for bosses is Yuna as a alchemist and Paine & Rikku as Dark Knights

Paine and Rikku as mages? now theres something i didnt think of (least those mages). Ive got rikku as a black right now, but its low lv. Yuna is white mage.

Alchemist/Dark Knight/Dark Knight was the combo of death for me. Keep tossing megapotions like it’s party time and crack Dark Waves out endlessly, it works best if the Alchemist has haste, so an accessory is something to consider.

I found Black Mages to be pretty useless, actually.

me too but it fills up the garment grid

I kinda hoped the chocobo would eat that dork Clasko.

I used gunner with cat nip with two of the girls, and gambler with the cat nip, I believe.

I’m a big fan of mini-games so I really enjoyed the chocobo breeding in X-2. Clasko is a whiney brat though

DRK was overpowered, it was #1 in several categories.

yeah so two or three DRK would mean everyone would fly through the game