FFX-2 help, please? (Late in the game fight)

I think equipping the Wring and Bloodlust together, and then unequipping both can take you down to critical. I’m not totally sure though, you may just fall short.

Okay, now you’re just assuming I’m stupid. To which I take offense.

And that doesn’t help. AT ALL. (The suggestion, I mean.) Maybe if I had two Auto-Hasted Gunners with two Catnips and two Trigger Happy Lvl. 3s, it’d work a lot better. But I have tried one, with every possible boost I can think of, and it’s useless. So, yeah. Refer to my last post here, and I’ll get back to ya’ll bitches when I find something that actually DOES work.

No, I am NOT assuming you are stupid. I do not appreciate being called a “bitch” either, when I was merely trying to help.

When you’re aiding someone in a videogame, sometimes it’s the little things like that which people miss. I have been successfully helping and, in some cases, GUIDING people through RPGS via email and message board posts for years now (and some of these games, I haven’t even PLAYED), and more often than not, they miss a small detail such as that. Does that mean they are stupid? No, not at all. In fact, oftentimes it is the guide’s fault for not making that tiny detail clear.

I’ve defeated Chac both the honest way and the Cat Nip way. With a speedy character entering the battle in critical HP with the Haste Bangle, Cat Nip and Trigger Happy LV 3 ability, an Oversouled Chac, and a character ready to revive, you will eventually succeed. Heaven’s Cataract will not be used by an Oversouled Chac, so that’s one major problem out of the way. With the Highroad Winds Garment Grid, you will get first command in battle, ending the fight quicker and easier. Assuming that you can hit the button enough times to fire off 20 Trigger Happy shots, you can defeat Chac in no more than 3 rounds of Trigger Happy firing.

Another cheap way out is to simply use the Samurai ability Eject. This will work eventually.

Now I am offended. I would like an apology.

Heh, I don’t actually own the game anymore (or my save for that matter >_<), but when I do get it again (eventually) any tips for beating Paragon, I used everything I had and he crushed me, and I was at level 99 with everyone, and I had Catnip and a really good Gunner.

Berserker, not Samurai. >>