FFX-2 help, please? (Late in the game fight)

I’m playing my first new game plus, and currently I’m in Chapter 5 with only Bikanel Island, Bevelle, and the Farplane left to complete. I’m trying to finish Bikanel, but Angra Mainyu handed my ass to me. What are your strategies for this fight?

Currently my characters are level 53-55. I used Rikku as an Alchemist and to cast Hastega on the party, and I used Yuna and Paine as Dark Knights to cast Darkness. After a while, the items and the Darkness damage gave out.

I know I could look in other places, but asking you for help is so much more fun. :smiley: Please help!

Angra Mainyu is one best killed using a Gunner and the Cat Nip accessory. If you don’t have that then go tackle 100 Floor Dungeon in Bevelle.

I recommend levelling up a bit more. I was at Level 99 and Via Infinito fucked me up, so at 53-55 Angra is gonna be a pain.

Try and equip as many strength and defence boosting items on Yuna and Paine, but mostly on Paine as she’s probably the strongest…but that doesn’t mean much though in this game, as you can have 255 strength and still not do over 8,000.

Uhh, if Rikku’s an alchemist try doing the double item (if you have it) to your advantage.

Ori: See, I thought about going for the Cat Nip for just that, but how far would I have to go in Via Infinito to get it? I’ve gone through Cloister 20 so that I could open the Den of Woe.

Xael: Which double item trick do you mean? The only double item thing I know of is on the Treasure Hunt garment grid… is that it?

Cloister 40.

I’m sure the Alchemist has the ability to use two items, or to use items with major decreased ATB.

Probably the latter.

Anyway, since you have Dark Knights using Darkness you’ll need to heal a lot, and that’s what I used the Alchemist for.

The Cat Nip strategy definitely works. However, it’s not exactly a fulfilling victory. I’d recommend against it, unless you absolutely have to.

Here’s my strategy that I posted in an earlier thread about a year and a half prior to this.

Have 2 Dark Knights and one Alchemist. Alchemist should Mix 2 Hi-Potions together when you need healing, and use Phoenix Downs to revive. Have the Dark Knights use Darkness every turn, which hits each part of the boss for about 3500 each time. If your HP is high enough (knowing Dark Knights, it should be pretty high), you’ll survive Perdition’s Flame. Keep it up with that, and he’ll rarely use PF again. When Angra is alone, physically attack him.

The goal is to keep him from using Perdition’s Flame, because it’s easily the most powerful attack in his arsenal, and it can turn the tables around in Angra’s favor in no time flat. However, he can’t use it when his arms are dead, which is where Darkness comes in.

Every now and then, you can sneak in a Black Sky if you want to speed things up, as well.

Finally, don’t worry too much about boosting your defense and attack and whatnot too high if you have an accessory that grants permanent Haste status. A Hasted Dark Knight can make a world of difference in this battle. Or a Hasted Alchemist could easily keep your team alive.

I did what dalton said. However everyonce and a while I’d let a dark knight die just because their damage was being reduced from the strength down stuff. It took me 2 and a half hours of spamming Darkness and Mega-HiPotions (mixing only when I needed to heal faster, and to mix whatever it took to get wall/protect/shell/haste on everyone (usually only after 2 people died, the mixed status never went away unless they died.)), I was like level 50ish I think, or something lower then what I should have been anyway. God that battle went on forever, but I did it on my first run without sweet accessories and junk, I felt some real achievement when I finished. I had a damn lot of close calls, but it’s possible! It’ll just take you hella freaking forever. :stuck_out_tongue:

Potion+Hi Potion mix worked fine for me. I think when I did it last I had an Alchemist, Dark Knight, and a Berserker (which I eventually put on berserk after 15 minutes or so). Save your accessory slots for stat-boosting by using Chocobo Feather+Light Curtain mix in the beginning instead of equipping the Auto-Haste accessory (I forget which it is at the moment).

If it’s okay, I’d like to pose a question on another boss, Chac (level 80 of the Via Infinito). Essentially, how the hell do you beat this fucking thing? I’ve tried every strategy posted on the internet, and my levels are about where they should be according to them (around 75 I think, I haven’t played it in like 3 months because it’s pissed me off so much), and nothing really works. :\ Delay Buster/Dismissal keeps me alive for a while longer, but doesn’t really get the job done.

Note that it’s a good idea to mix Lunar Curtain + Potion and use a Star Curtain as well (that’ll give everyone Reflect, Shell, and Protect), which will make dying much less common. :sunglasses: It took me over an hour on my first game, but only about 30 minutes in my most recent attempt (which was not a New Game+, and in which I didn’t go into Bevelle first).

As for the Bevelle bosses, I’ve yet to defeat Chac, Paragon, and Trema without spamming Cat Nip. It’s just too much of a pain. -_-

I tried to win this battle without the Cat Nip. It was the longest unsuccessful half an hour of my life. Just use the Cat Nip and get it over with. 8(

Dude, I die even faster when I try that.

To do it without the Catnip accessory, I used Yuna + Mascot Dressphere (Moogle) + Moogle Regenja at the start of the battle/whenever it ran out + Moogle Cureja on every single one of Yuna’s turns, when reviving wasn’t necessary. Usually she’d manage to heal any petrified members that way before Chac could shatter them. When she’d get petrified herself, I’d have to improvise with Softs from one of the other characters. I also put Invincible on Paine with the Mascot dressphere and kept getting her to use that Cactuar cannon attack or whatever it’s called >.>; Can’t remember at the second.

I did manage to do it without Catnip, but to be honest, unless you wanna go for multiple failures and a lot of stress, I’m not entirely sure it’s worth it XD

Doesn’t matter if you die fast. Start the battle in wounded status (save when you’re on floor 79) and all you’ll need is two or three turns with Trigger Happy L.3 to get rid of her. It’s all down to luck.

Luck to get more than one turn with Trigger Happy Lvl. 3. -.-; That Chac is smarter than he looks; he always picks the Gunner to petrify, and while I’m trying to Soft them, he pulls Heaven’s Cataract shit. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I think I’ll try using Mascots. I have to work on learning some of their skills, but that shouldn’t be too bad. If that doesn’t work, I’ll try leaving and fighting other monsters of his type to get him to Oversoul (allegedly he won’t do Heaven’s Cataract).

You do know that a character with Auto-Haste can hit with Trigger Happy nearly twice as many times, right?

This may be an odd question, but what’s a quick, “safe” way to get someone down to critical HP?

I think that the Blue Bullet ability “Blaster”, used on a character with a Safety Bit equipped will reduce their HP to critical levels.

Chac is easy if you know how.

If you make him Oversoul he’ll be much MUCH easier.

I can’t remember how I did it, but it has something to do with killing the monster before him in the basilisk type.

I think you have to kill it quite a few times.

Anyway…Chac is really easy compared to Paragon, never mind Trema, I never once got past Paragon even using Floral Fallal and it’s ultimate technique (the one where Yuna shoots out loads of white energy beams).

Or I guess you could use “Darkness” a few times. The quickest way is just to attack your Gunner and then use a Phoenix Down, though.
To Oversoul Chac, fight monsters of any Basilisk type until you see it Oversoul, then run away from the battle. Chac’ll be Oversouled next time round.

I actually found Paragon and even Trema much easier than a lot of the previous dungeon bosses, Chac in particular, though that huge snail-like one with the Megaton Hammer (or something like that) attack was tough going, too. Paragon was just like a souped up Ultima Weapon. I managed to nail both him and Trema on my first try, but the other bosses took ages >_<;