ffx-2 help me

I’m in chapter 3 and I’m fighting with Garik, but I can’t win with him.
Please help me and tell what can I do!

This isn’t really in the right forum, but allow me to help.

First of all, you need to equip Silver Glasses on everyone, or you’re going to be blinded over and over again. Also consider equipping a GrisGris Bag to prevent Curse.

Second of all, switch to character classes that hit hard and fast. What you want to do is take down either a Ronso Youth or Garik before he gets a chance to use Mighty Guard, which also has the annoying Regen effect. Ignore the hits you take and concentrate on ending the battle as soon as possible!

I HATED that battle…I kept having to use Dark or whatever it is (takes away from your HP), because my attacks wouldn’t hit any of them.

Thanks! I’ll try that!

I got a suggestion that might help you.

Sell the game, and make up for the 30-some hours of your life that you lost playing something good.

That’s not particularly useful, Revenge. Just because you don’t like the game doesn’t mean others can’t enjoy it.

As for strategies, I always like Dark Knight and just bumrushed him. With the appropriate accessories so I didn’t miss.

The Dark Knight works on everything! Seriously. 8)

That’s one of the reasons the game sucked so much. You got the Dark Night Sphere, not even a special sphere, and everything was a cakewalk after that.

I didn’t abuse Dark Knight. I always preferred one of the other spheres, like Thief and such. My favorite is Mascot.

I never got Mascot. :bowser:

I read that Getting Masoct is hard Like getting 100%, you need to get Complete in every area.

Big Nutter

Mascot = All chapter complete.

My default dress spheres were: Gun Mage on Yuna, Alchemist on Rikku, and Berserker on Paine.