FFX-2 ending question

I really want to finish the game so I can start over with my garment grids and dress spheres, but I…don’t know how. I’m in chapter 5, and I completed some stuff…but is it mandatory? I just want to end the game quickly. Where do I go to trigger the end of the game and fight the last boss?

Okay Eva, if i remember this correctly, you need to talk to Brother on board the Celius. Then choose which temple entrance you want to use (not sure if the choice makes a difference or not). Then you just need to fight your way down to Vegnagun (includes dealing with a couple more bosses). And then kill/destroy it. And it’s ‘pilot’.

None of the other stuff is mandatory. You only have to do that for the 100% completion, which gives you a supposedly better ending. But if you don’t care about what ending you get, just do what I just told ya.

That should help you out Eva. I hope.

The “100% ending” is an extra non-FMV scene at Zanarkand. Not REALLY worth all the trouble.

yeah, I’ve seen it, and it wasn’t really that important to me anyway.

Thanks HS, haha, I haven’t played it in months and totally lost all direction of what I was supposed to do.

No problem, I haven’t played it in ages either. I just happened to still have a rough idea of what happens in pretty much all of my games.

It’s rather sad really.

I’d take you missed a important Misson for 100%…

I probably did, I just skipped everything, and completed the game at 83%. Shuyin is pathetic. Anyway, like I said, I just wanted to start over and have all my stuff. I missed like one or two things before chapter 5, so I got bummed out over that when I couldn’t get the 100% ending (that’s before I saw it online). So I just wanted to start over. Now I will try again.