ffx-2: chapter 2

does it matter which faction I give the sphere to at the start of chapter 2? also, are there any things that can only be gotten/ set up to get later in chapter 2?

It does make a difference for several scenes, but generally they even out. Technically you can only get 100% on your first try by choosing Youth League, but unless you’re working directly off an FAQ you have no chance of doing that anyway (and even if you ARE working off an FAQ it’s iffy). It’s best to just use New Game+ and give the sphere to the other faction in the next game.

so in other words just continue on my almost got killed by bahamut way and go for extras later, eh? anything else I should be aware of? spoilers don’t bug me at all.

I’d tell you to just play through the game normally and use FAQs to play through it a second time.

The only thing you should really know about is the Mi’ihen Highroad culprit thingy… Rikku and Rin are the best ones to get. Unfortunately, getting Rin means you can’t get an Episode Complete in chapter 5, and if you miss even one you can’t get the Mascot dressphere. What’s more, there’s a lot of things you need to have done in earlier chapters to get Rin. So maybe just try for Rikku. Check GameFAQs for an FAQ about it (but be forewarned that you do NOT need to do about 60% of the stuff he claims you need to do, so don’t worry too much if you missed a few things).

where in bevelle is the dark knight DS? I can’t find it anywhere.

You know that most of the way down the underground there’s three lifts (left, right, and straight)? Do this:
-Take the left lift up, then jump down the bottom of the screen to return to the lift room. Take the middle lift up, hit the switch, then take the middle lift again to go back down.
-Now take the right lift up, and take the left lift down. Take the middle lift up again, hit the switch, then take the middle lift down again to go back down.
-Use the right lift to continue forward. You should now be able to reach the dressphere in a chest in the room just before the abyss.

thanks for the help cid.