FFX-2 again

I am in chapter 5 and the damned episode in Kilika wont complete. I’ve read that seeing Barthello jump off the temple steps to get to Dona will complete the episode and I would get transported back to the Celcius. Well nothing has happened and he’s sitting outside of Dona’s house. What do I do next?

Also, when I start a new game plus, do I get to keep all the abilities learned on my dress spheres? Please please say yes.

Yes, you keep all of your Dressphere progress and the spheres themselves. Oh, and your items and equipment.

For the other question, try something for me. Head back to the Celcius and check the Map Screen. Does the header for Kilika say “Episode Complete” or something else? What does it say, exactly? If it’s something like “Episode Done” or “No new missions”, then you missed something earlier.

episode concluded, so I just switched the psx2 off and came here for some help :frowning: i dont want to fall further behind (plus I want the mascot dressphere) .

It said “concluded”, then? I’m sorry, but you can’t get an Episode Complete in Kilika then. You must have missed something earlier.

I do remember missing out on talking to Barthello when the commspheres were set up, so I believe that’s what caused it…

It’s okay though. You’re going to New Game Plus sometime, right? You can get it next time. 8)

Yeah, I missed that one too on my playthrough. Turned out I missed something on the Commsphere. I’ve also read somewhere (I forget where, probably one of the bazillion guides on GameFAQS) that you have to look at the under-construction Youth League base once in each chapter. (Talk to the guy with the binoculars.)

That’s not required for 100%, but it’s recommended that you do it anyway because it gets you a great accessory.

yeah the break damage thing I think.

Ooh, nice. That’ll be very… very handy for that damned Bevelle dungeon. takes note

If you can make it through that dungeon without using the Cat Nip, then you’re quite the gamer. 8)