FFVIII Question

I haven’t completely beat Final Fantasy VIII yet. I’m writing a fanfic for it, and I need to know, is Rinoa still a sorceress at the end of the game? Thanks

Umm… Most people would suggest beating the game before actually writing a story about it. Not that it stops a lot of people. Anyway.

I don’t know this myself, but you could just put a disclaimer at the beginning of the story, saying “I haven’t beat FFVIII, so this is an AU - Alternate Universe - fic, based on what I would think would happen.”

DOn’t have to, it’s just a suggestion.

Like Val said, you really ought to finish the game. There are already plenty of fics where the characters are completely OOC because the writer doesn’t pay enough attention, it’d be even worse if you never even saw it.

I’d suggest you use some spoiler tags too.

You people sure have a hard time answering one damn simple yes/no question.

The answer is no.

I’ve played up to Lunatic Pandora (almost at the very end) and I’ve played up to that point 4 times. The first time, it was too hard so I deleted my file. econd, I simply got bored of it, and deleted my file. Third, My disc scratched and I deleted my file (this time I didn’t get all the way there, but I was close). And now I’m there again. But school has been getting really hard lately so I can’t keep playing cause I have to study. So I know the characters really well, and I know most of the story. Also, I’ve read alot about what happens after Lunatic Pandora, so it’s not really an AU. But I’ll put a disclaimer.

Anyways, back on topic. Is Rinoa a sorceress at the end of the game?

Thanks Hades.

I never played the game. I’m jsut trying to offer help in a broader sense. Guess I should stop, anyway.

It’s fine Val. You were just helping.

It seems as such some the end of the game. But there’s definately room for interpretation. I’ve seen a couple fics that’ve toyed with the idea of Rinoa still being a sorceress.

So it could go either way, but if she is still one, some explanation is due.

No, it can’t go either way. She very explicitly passes her powers on in the Lunatic Pandora. Anyone toying with the idea that she’s still a sorceress is making shit up. Not that it’s wrong to make shit up, but it doesn’t agree with the actual story.

Calm down. Sheesh. It could really go both ways, I mean, many people start their fanfic several years ahead, which leaves the story open for their own plot devices. Maybe someone returned the sorceress powers to Rinoa, or perhaps the “passing on” of her powers didnt actually work and they didnt find out till later. Or maybe they started just after she became a sorceress.

That’s odd FF8, is my favourite one of the lot, and I don’t remember Rinoa passing on her powers, at any point.

I mean it has been a while since I played it. But I’m sure she didn’t pass on her powers to anyone. AND in fact gained the powers of Adel.

All this is based on the pure and simple fact that fan fiction fucking sucks.

Moving on, I didn’t even remember that Rinoa ever was a sorcereress…

Oh, there are some good ones. It’s just that the vast majority of horrible stuff you have to see in order to find the rare jewels makes it hardly worth the suffering. Hence why I stick to smaller, less popular domains: Less shit to wade through.

Coincidentally, the less popular and the more serious a game gets, the best fics you can find. The FFT section in Fanfiction.net is pretty good.

I totally agree. I think it’s better to write something original.

Eh… Some Fanfiction can be done well. Can show off some interesting ideas. I know I have a few that are really different from the usual fare. But since I’m so unmotivated I’ve done reverse-writing of a sort, can’t really talk.

Yeah most fanfiction does usually suck.

But there are those good authors out there scattered among the millions of rubbish ones. That can write worth a damn, and come up with some that is both readable and enjoyable.

to answer your question about rinoa being a sorceress at the end of the game NO she is not. play ff 8 till the end and you will find out. (even though i just told you she isnt)

(even though it’s already been answered in this thread.)

What are you on about Will? Like I said earlier I don’t remember Rinoa giving up her powers at any point. She gains the powers of both Edea, and Adel during the game.

But never gives them up during the game, or at the end, either. Or at least I don’t remember there being anything saying she gave them up.

Which means that rinoa is still a sorceress.