FFVIII fanfic fanart.

To draw some attention to the fantastic artwork of Noacat, my resident arty-goddess. She does a lot of FFVIII work, and might do some requests if you ask her very nicely. She’s also getting married in October, so you know she’s cool.

The character is from later on in Echoes of the Past, the Diamond Dust sequel, when the main plot kicks in.

Noa, I love you.

Check out her other stuff as well. She does good artwork for fics she really likes, she just doesn’t get any hits.:too bad;

Quezacotl’s a woman?

I don’t know, but the character she plays in Echoes works better as a female.

Tres cool, tres cool is shot by a French teacher Ow. Well, that’s very neat, I like the fact that there are two shots of her as well. The one without sunglasses looks more innocent, if not completely so… ^^;;

Even taking into account the Sauron-like eyes?

That was what I meant with not looking completely innocent cackles

Excellent. The eyes are kinda a plot event later on. They needed to loo evil wgile the rest of her didn’t. Hence the glasses for the full-body pic.

That is pretty cool, I can seriously see a resembalnce between her and the GF from the game.

Tell her that.:hahaha;

I would tell her, but for some strange reason I can’t get access to my e-mail account. I’ll do it later.