FFVIII-2. Oh shit son.


I’m not arguing with the fact that FF7 has more fan appeal than any of the others. That’s precisely why Square decided to make four different sequels to it.

You know around here we like people to prove their point with logic and numbers, rather than 'Well I know it’s true!" statements. See for precedent; Quina vs the entire RPGC board.


Like this.

I remember after X-2 came out there was a whole bunch of FF ___-2 rumors. Checked google and found one of the pictures that was circulating

and the Greiver logo looks an awful lot like this picture

Awwww prettyyyy

But no, I don’t think an FFVIII sequel is in the works. And that Griever logo looks low quality.

FFX was a far superior game to FFVIII and the story made it such that it was very easy to make a sequel to it. Anyone remember The GIA’s FFVIII Gaiden story? That was an awesome april fool’s.

Rinoa: “Hey guys? I lost my top and so I have to travel in underwear.”
Quistis and Selphie: “That’s ok, so did we.”


Except that they’d have to replace Quistis, since she’s the most serious one, with … well, going by FFX-2, an awesome female character who seems like a female version of Squall. No, wait …

If you point a finger at me, you have to point one at Cidolfas too. Like this.

So both of us are conjecturing, and inserting our personal experiences and opinions into it, without empirical evidence.

Except that I readily admitted I was conjecturing, whereas you (at first) seemed to be claiming your side of the story without admitting that it was also conjecture. I think we’re all on the same page now. :sunglasses:

Nomura only did the character designs, he didn’t direct the game like he directed Kingdom Hearts. Do you just come up with bull crap and make jokes out of it every day of your life?

Anyway’s, the FF7 spin-offs was simply because of the crazy sales it had(it is not just the best selling FF game in the series, but also the second best selling PSX game of all time). FFX, however, was just like Kingdom Hearts, in which SE planned on making a sequel for it when they developed the first game in 2001. Why they chose to finally make a sequel for a game once they reached their 10th game is debatable. But the fact that the ending had a loose-end showed that they planned a sequel. Also, the Japanese version of FFX had a scene(or a bunch of scenes, I’m not sure) that showed the cliffhanger leading to FFX-2.

As far as an FFVIII-2 is concerned, if Square Enix truly is making a sequel to FFVIII, I am going to write a novel for my school report. I’m thinking of naming it “The Rise and Fall of the Final Fantasy series” or “The Self-Destruction of Square Enix.” Which title do you people think is better?

They better not fucking replace Quistis, I’ve waited 6 years to get a game where I get to put her in skimpy outfits.

I think I’d be one of the only people to wet myself over the prospect of a sequel, considering FFVIII is my favourite Final Fantasy.

Even I’d be more than slightly disappointed if it looked like THAT, though.

From the point of view of a Graphic Designer who has had accredited training in the fine arts of both photomanipulation and 3D modeling, I can say that pic is fookin’ shopped, man.

Frankly, if they actually did want to make a sequel to FF8, the chances of it being better than the original are actually quite good. I’d wait and see before judging (like I do with every game). :sunglasses:

Ohhh, fine.