Drawing also allows you to become more invincible than any other RPG system created. My Squall absorbed every element and couldn’t take more than 300 damage from the strongest physical attack in the game. The only thing that could scratch him was Shockwave Pulsar. And Lionheart is like instant 300 000 damage. It’s fun to be awesomely strong.

i hardly draw unless its for some powerful spells that are hard to refine. refining is the way to get easy spells fast.

I know there are people out there who actually enjoy leveling up. I’m not one of them. If I can get through the game without having to wander around fighting random monsters, I’m a happy camper. Any part of any game which is tedious, mindless, and pointless is simply not something I’m interested in, regardless of the “OMIGOD I’m a superpoweredup d00d” rewards for wasting your brain cells.

I know there are some people out there who are content to do a half-assed job at experiencing every aspect of a game because they don’t have the patience to be thorough or the skill to play non-rpgs. I’m not one of them.

Depening on ‘what rocks my boat’ I may just want Draw in dozen Random Battles, then quit. or the complete oposite I want Boss Battles.

I think when He’s playing FF8 when “Force Your Way” Comes On. He happyness Points shoots up about 20 points.

Big Nutter
CE, You’ve been playing with my Sims.

No, you’re right. If by “experience” you mean “see some numbers be higher than some other numbers”. That’s not much of an experience in my point of view, and I most certainly do not have the patience to do that. I play video games to enjoy myself, not to torture myself.

As for “skill”, wouldn’t it require more skill to play if you weren’t leveling up all the time?

It would if I was talking about RPGs. Too bad my comment on skill deals explicitly with non-rpgs.

Good point. I stand corrected.

Can’t you see the main difference between ff7 and 8?
think about it. when Squall got hurt and stuff, did you care?
I didn’t. but wheni lost Cloud i almost cried man! and then when Aeris died, i really wanted to kill that sephiroth bastard. the characters and events in ff7 were definately more intense than 8, so in all respects, 7 has to be the bettr one.

Um, the random battles in Tactics grow with your characters. That game was another one that wasnt at it’s best if power-leveled, as you’d end up getting classes like Lancer before you could BUY a spear in the shop… Now, as for difficulty settings on games, I say go with Lunar. That game is hard. The random battles have a level gap, but still stay pretty rough for a while, EVERY boss is based on your main character’s level. The final boss fight was still hard, no matter how good you were. If it were possible to get through some parts of the game with keeping Alex at very low level then you possibly could have beaten the game easily… However, why gimp your main character just so you can win???

I prefered FF7 because I thought the characters were better and the storyline moved at a better pace. The music in the two was about equal but I’d give the edge to FF8. FF8’s graphics are definitely better. I also preferred the magic system in 7 and definitely the Summons. But I liked FF8 too just not as much. FF6 comes second after 7 than 8.

I liked both games, but if I had to pick a preference, I’d have to say FF7. The games system doesn’t really matter to me; if I can understand it well enough to play, then I’m good to go. It’s the stories and characters that really draw me in. There were lots of wonderful twists and turns FF8, but for me it didn’t beat out Cloud in the Lifestream, and the revelations surrounding that. That whole scenario made him my favourite character in the game, as well as giving the game great replay value for going back and picking up on all the little hints that you miss the first time through. A friend once told me he should have known something was up when you start out with a main character who’s already ‘powerful and experienced’. After all, usually you start off with the rookie.

As for FF8, the whole lost memories thing was a neat twist I enjoyed thoroughly and added depth to the characters, but it didn’t give me the desire to replay the game. The only moment I can reflect on now that would be interesting to replay with the knowledge is the assassination attempt on Edea. After all, Irvine knows who she is, he’s not just randomly chickening out.

Both were pretty good games, if not my favourite Final Fantasies, but I prefer seven. Although I will concede I prefer the music in eight. Man with a Machine Gun rocks!

:biggrin: Somebody likes Lunar. One thing that is good in both of the Lunar games is also the characters. They seem deeper and more memorable because their are fewer to concentrate on.

LOL I loves it!

Anyway, I like both equally, though 8 does seem like it needs a therapy couch. Hell maybe thats why they are mercenaries, they need the money for the shrink!

For some strange reason, Squall looks gay. i wonder what he’d sound like?
Probably like a eunuch or something.
Rinoa should be mine!!!
:hyperven: can’t…control … self

im quite sure that your macho posturing would impress her.

yeah… maybe the classic Cloud pose. face down, hand on forehead.
It couldn’t be too hard to win her over.
What does she see in the guy anyway? he’s so cold and stuff to her in the first place and she just stays there with him.

“he’s hurting inside” chicks dig that

now if only that would work for me…
and Ace could you elaborate on how squall seems gay?