FFVII Materia Farming

Does anyone here know where I can get the purple/Independent Huge Materia (or whether it even exists),


which monsters in the game offer the most EXP and AP, and where I can find them?

I know many boss monsters offer ample EXP and AP, like the Weapons, but I need enemies I can encounter randomly.

The Magic Pots in the Northern Crater offer 2000AP each, but you must sacrifice an Elixir, and if you don’t have any Elixir, you’re out of luck.

So far, the second best level-building and AP-earning spot in the game is the forest around Mideel; the Head Hunters and Chrysalises offer ample EXP and AP, especially when your weapons or armor offer Double Growth to your Materia.

Let me know if you find a better level-building spot!

I’ve checked GameFAQs for a full bestiary, but they don’t have one.

There is no Independant Materia. And I find the Gelnika to be a great place to level in.

Sorry, Mideel is the second best place. The EXP there isn’t to shady either, and depending on how much Materia you are leveling you should get a good amount.

Like Val said, there is only Command, Magic and Summon Master Materia. The Gelnika isn’t that great of a place to level simply because the enemies can be somewhat annoying at times, I prefer killing bugs in Mideel with one Slash-All, although using Morph on the Gelnika enemies can get various Sources

The best place for AP, if you don’t want to spend Elixirs, is still in the same place you meet Magic Pots. You can get Movers there and they also give amazing AP.

Movers have potential for huge returns, but the encounter rate is low and that area festers with tonberries.

Stick to Mideel. The Gelnika has challenging monsters that give you very little exp and ap compared with Mideel.

Also, get Cloud’s Apocalypse sword from the Ancient Forest and Cid’s Scimitar. Both of them offer triple growth rates. Around Mideel you’ll be getting between 720 and 1080 ap per fight. Movers give you more, but they’re not reliable. I’ve had mover dry spells lasting over an hour.

Actually, there is independant materia, but it’s pink, so I’m assuming Val means theres no Huge Independant Materia, in which case, Val is right. But the purple ones in the rocket.

Purple? I think you mean blue, the support magic materia like “All.” There is no purple materia. But you’re right that there is no independant HUGE materia.

I always thought it looked purple. Shrug. It’s not important.

Mideel Enemies also tend to be quite weak, so your third member aside from Cloud/Cid will have a good time gaining those kills for limit breaks.

Also, if you have the patience, most enemies in Gelnika can be Morphed into stat-ups… Demi 3 to all, and a slash-all for Yuffie with a conformer is a solid strategy. (Although you’ll have to deal with the fact that only your armor’s materia will have any growth at all…)

You could always use the W-Item cheat to have lots of Elixirs, thus making leveling with Magic Pots and Movers a viable strategy.

Or you could play legitimately.

You could also steal elixirs from the tonberries for use on the magic pots. Or am I thinking of some other fairly common enemy down there?

Purple? I think you mean blue, the support magic materia like “All.” There is no purple materia.

There most certainly is. They include Chocobo Lure, Mega-All, and Enemy Lure, as well as all the "Plus"es (Speed Plus, Magic Plus, HP Plus etc.). There’s no purple or blue Master Materia. (There is a blue Huge Materia, but that’s Bahamut Zero, not a Master Materia.)

The purple looks pink on my screen, but Cid is indeed right. Pink or Purple Materia are called “Independent Materia”, because they increase your statistics or perform some kind of beneficial function WITHOUT having to be linked to other materia like the blue “Support” variety.

There’s only 4 Huge Materia in the game though; Summon, Magic, Command, and Bahamut ZERO.

Yeah, you’re definately thinking of the fuschia colored materia. It’s not purple at all. It’s way closer to pink.

Yeah Hades you’re definately right and not covering up your previous wrongness at all. :smiley:

What the hell are you talking about? Everything I’ve said is consistant and true.

Some people may have different Tint settings on their TV though, Hades. So it may look a little more purple to others.

Summon Materia is more pink than independant materia. It is most definately purple.

<img src=“http://www.two-turtles.com/images/swatches/Fuschia.jpg”>
According to you guys, this is purple? Whew, okay. For a second I thought it was fuschia, and that this was purple:

<img src=“http://www.eclectics.co.uk/images/purple764.jpg”>
It’s a good thing you amateurs corrected someone who has been persuing art for 12 years before he made any more mistakes.

Seriously, you guys need to admit when you’re just plain fucking wrong. I hate to argue over the color of fucking materia, but I’m more irritated that anyone could be so colorfully inept than I am about correctly naming orbs in a videogame.