FFVI vanish/doom and locke's cave question

hello, i am new here so please forgive me, if i posted this in the wrong forum. i looked around and this seemd the right one.

i am playing FFVI for the first time and am in the world of ruin. in online walkthroughs i read a lot about “use the vanish/doom” trick. i do have vanish and i do have doom. vanish i have via the esper and magic, doom i have as magic. when i use doom, i doom a single enemy target. what’s up with that special combination, why should i first use vanish on myself and then doom ? am i missing something ? how is the “vanish/doom” trick used correctly ?
also, what would you advise later on, should i choose the magicite to learn ultima or should i get the sword ? and one more question… can someone please give me some info on the cave, where you pick up locke ? the one which you have to enter with 2 parties ? i make it to the magma room and then i always mess up somewhere. it is very confusing with all the floor switches, etc. i tried to find some help in online strategy guides, but the ones i found don’t work for me, i still get lost, step on the wrong switch, etc. maybe you know a link to an online map of the cave, seeing a layout might help ! thanks !! :moogle:

The Vanish Doom glitch is a problem with the game where magic always hits if a creature has vanish cast on it. Basically, if you cast Vanish on an enemy, then cast doom on the same enemy, you have a 100% chance of instantly killing it. The glitch even works on bosses.

You can learn Ultima from the Paladin Shield at 1x rate after you uncurse the Cursed Shield (have it equipped for 255 battles, it’s found in another locked house in Narshe), so if you want the sword you can still learn the spell.


I should ask, which version of FF6 are you playing? If it’s SNES or PSX then there’s no trouble, but the vanish/doom trick doesn’t work in the GBA port.

i play it on playstation and thanks for the info !

Good good.

Also note that the trick won’t work on certain bosses, the bosses that are immune to the status ailment. The walkthrough should what those bosses are, but the important ones are in the final dungeon: Inferno, Poltergeist, and everything in the final battle.

Personally, I just use the trick to take out Doom Gaze the first time and get that annoying thing out of the way.

By the way I think all dragons fall for the vanish/doom combo; comes in handy. Personally I couldn’t ever come round to doing 255 battles with the cheapo shield just to uncurse it, let alone try learning Ultima after all this mess. I did just fine without the Ultima sword :wink:

My advice is make Mog badass. It’s one of the few games where the fuzzy creature will be effective.

I’m simply impressed… this is the first help thread that’s been here in a while!

well, i thank you all for the advise. i finally made it through the phoenix cave - with the help of my little brother…lol !!
i guess, i will take the esper instead of the sword, i don’t know …fighting 255 times to turn the shield - that’s a looooong time. i will equip it (with the ribbon) though, maybe by the time i’m halfway through kefka’s tower it’ll surprise me and turn into the palladin shield, but i won’t just go somewhere and fight until it turns. i don’t have the patience for that.
so far the vanish/doom hasn’t worked for me, but i think i tried it on undead monsters and that doesn’t work, right ? i could have used it in the fight against the fire dragon, but i forgot about it… lol

One thing to remember about breaking the Cursed Shield is that you must not equip it onto Gogo as any battles he fights with it will NOT count towards the removal of the curse. Everyone else is fair game though. (aside from Umaro who can’t equip shields anyway)

Also remember that only the battles that the cursed character participates in count.

Remember, if you do use it on Doom Gaze, make sure you don’t use the Vanish/X-Zone combination. For some reason, doing that seems to make it impossible to encounter Doom Gaze again.

Undead monsters are reversed. They will be instantly revived with full HP if you cast Death/Doom on them. Cure harms them, Raise/Life kills them (without needing to cast Vanish). Poison and Regen are reversed, too.