FFVI Advance Official SE Website opened


Er, ok…

Are they giving this one the 3D treatment too? Gay.

Oh well. I love Yoshitaka Amano.

you must not have looked at the website because it is being released for GBA… which isn’t 3D at all.

that’s an ok website, I was expecting them to show something new about the game.

I did, otherwise I wouldnt have commented on it.
Eitherway it was a foolish thing to say. I just realized it now, since it is coming to the GBA. Oh well.

And Yoshitaka Amano loves you.

Magic Fighter Tina? Tina Branford?

erm, I don’t want to comment. Really. (Sounds like Sailor Moon goddammit)

Don’t worry, that’s just the Japanese version. They’ll probably call her Terra again for the English release.



Just saying “Yes!” in pirate mode, that’s all.


Here’s a commercial for it:

“Please, pay us money for that which you already own and can play for free on an emulator or even your SNES. We will add no new features, improve nothing, and charge you an exorbitant price for such a pittance of a premade product.”

Yeah, sounds cool, gang. I’m real excited.

No, seriously, though. I’m a fanboy. I’m actually excited. I just thought I’d point out that it’s stupid, in case anyone didn’t know.

What’s stupid about it? It’s a good game, being released on a portable system meaning you can play it anywhere. I never had it for the snes, and the psx version has a lot of loading times. It’s fine playing it on the computer but I like the idea of playing it wherever I want.

I’m sure they’ll clean up the text and add some extras, just like they did with FFV.

Not to mention FFIV. Figures, it’s 10 years since the game was released. It first got here on the Playstation, and the loading times were not exactly desirable :confused:

But hey, new way to save my auditorium classes from total boredom. If PW2 and FFIII weren’t enough…

Any idea when this is coming round to north america, or is it gonna be another christmas FF GBA release? Honestly i really don’t want to wait a year for this. So nice…

Actually, I think they should use Tina(as the name she raised to be refered by) AND Terra (as her “Birth-name” & Esper form). I also had a VA opinion about the game, using the Animaze VA group & few mainstream VAs…

Tina/Terra: Stephanie Sheh (Eureka, Eureka Seven)
Locke: Tony Oliver (Gojo, Saiyuki)
Edgar: James Arnold Taylor (Obiwan, Clone Wars)
Sabin: Steven Jay Blum (Kazama, SCryEd)
Celes: Wendee Lee (Faye, Cowboy Bebop)
Setzer: Crispin Freeman
Shadow: Kirk Thronton (Saix, KH2)
Cyan: Ron Perlman (Slade, Teen Titans)
Gau: Grey Desile (Yumi, HiHi Puffy AmiYumi)
Strago: John Dimaggio (Migelo, FFXII)
Relm: Melissa Charles (Tia, Zatch Bell)

Maduin: Richard Epcar (“Ansem”, KH2)
Leo: Phil Lamar (Green Lantern)

Kefka: Bradley Dee Baker (Cedric, WITCH)
Emperor: Mark Hamil (Musca, Laputa)
Ultros: Paul St. Peter (Grand Fisher, Bleach)

GBA runs emulators, man. It is literally already possible to play this game on the exact system.

I just downloaded SNESAdvance and FF6.
No way, if I want to play, I’ll grab the port. 'cause FF6 gives me nothing but scrambled graphics.:scream:
I don’t see how SNES full-speed emulation possibility.
What about the squashed screen (okay, scalers), fewer buttons, not enough extra CPU time to handle emulation?