FFVI Advance: February 5th - anyone excited?

FFVI is out next week. I’m gonna take the day off work to get my fill :biggrin: There doesn’t seem to be much hype about it. I guess because it’s primarily a port, and Anthology didn’t really help its cause. Thoughts?

I think as a rule they don;t hype up GBA releases. Anyway, I already have my copy reserved. All that’s left is to get into an epic cage match to the death with my sister over who gets to play first.

wait…it’s coming out febuary? I thought it wasn’t scheduled for a NA release until next christmas ish. Sweet, definately gonna buy.

Soon enough isn’t soon enough!:bowser:

I can’t wait to beat the new bonus dungeon! I wonder who’s the boss of that place :chupon: :ulty:

I’m anxious to see how the Gilgamesh esper works.

It goes without saying.

Ho yeah.

I think my brother needs a couple of GBA games to play on his DS… therefore, I’ll be buying two copies since I’m such a good sister. :slight_smile:

Meh, not really. I already played it twice (On the SNES, and PSone) I dont feel the need to slog through it again. I dont care what nifty extras are on it. It’s still the same thing.

Maybe, It’s at the bottom of the list.


I want it, but I think I’ll beat FFV before I get it. Besides, I already got it on the PS if I want it now.

It shall be mine!!

I want it too, but I’m (finally!) playing Dragon Quest VIII (I just found a cheap copy) and I’m probably not going to finish it it until next month. (Wonderful game. But loooong!)

Oh god, I want it. I’ve been wanting to play 6 for some time now, but have held off because this was on the horizon. I have a huge amount of work due on the 15th, though, so I doubt I’ll be able to play it until after that >_<

I’ll get it after I beat FFVA, which will be after I beat FFIVA.

I’m getting it so that I can actually play FFVI again as the last time I played it was before my second PSX bricked on me. >_< I’ll play it after I finish Ogre Battle 64

Here’s a list of what’s changed and what hasn’t. Kinda interesting what the localization decides to change and what not, but most of it seems an improvement.

As you know the censorship is no longer an issue, so doomgaze can go back to being deathgaze.
The best part is seeing what things used to be named and wondering what the hell was going through the director’s minds when they decided to name a bug monster “Mind Candy”. SwdTech got renamed to bushido (link to Auron, maybe?) Terra will still be Terra though, likewise with Sabin. And I wonder how they’ll deal with the Celes suicide issue.

What about the suicide? Anyone care to fill me in?