What’s the purpose of catching monsters?

Releasing them. No really, that’s the only point of doing it. You keep the monster with you until you !Release it, at which point it will do an attack before leaving. If you want to make it easier to catch stuff, !Catch a Conago near Kelb and take it to the weird guy in the well in Kelb. If you give it to him along with 10000 Gil, you’ll get an item that’ll reduce the amount of HP you need to bring an enemy down to before you can capture him. It’s 1/8th HP normally, but with that item it’s only 1/2 HP.

And, um… if anyone’s interested in trying to compile a full list of which enemy does what when !Released for the FF5 Shrine, by all means be my guest. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, okay.

I already went back to get the jar just before I went through the Mua forest. I screwed up the fight against the four Sealed the first time through by leaving the wind elemental one for last uninentionally and then Beserking Ninja Farris equipped with two air knives, and Dragoon Butz had the wind spear. I was healing the damned thing more than I was hurting it.::doh::

I’ll look into compiling a !Released list. I’ve got a couple of saved files fairly far into the first world too, so I can still get most of those as well.

…you’re actually considering my suggestion? I am shocked and pleasantly amazed.

To aid in your quest, you should really put in some Game Genie codes (assuming you’re playing the SNES ROM) to give yourself the Trainer class at the beginning of the game, with the Gourd and the !Catch ability.

And if you’d like a bit of help, Demigod, I’m willing to do a few monsters myself.

Not only considering, but working on it as I post. I’ve got 15 screenshots so far and counting. Having at least the Demi spell helps, so I can get just about any monster without worrying about overkill, but if there are any creatures that you only run into on the steamships, I’m out of luck for those without starting a new game. (Goblins cast Flare when !Released, who’d have guessed?) It will also be a few days before I’m able to put an effort into getting the monsters from the third world. I’m assuming that .jpg files will be okay.

Steamships? You mean the Fire Ship? You can still get in there. It sinks into the hidden airship base, but you can still explore the depths.

That’s useful to know. I was thinking the sea monsters though. I don’t know why I pluralized it the previous post. It’s called a steam ship in the translation I have. It’s a pretty horrible translation, and almost all of the in battle dialouge and most monster attacks, excluding blue mage skills, are gibberish.

Dang. Guess it really never does hurt to ask. If you got gibberish going on there though, better get the latest translation patch. Of course you’ll need a clean non-patched ROM to apply it to, but well, you’re a resourceful young man, aren’t you?

I could also help to complete the list.:moogle:
Do you need screenshots or just the names of the attack?

I’m playing it anyway.

:hyperven: FFV is such a great game. It would be my favorite of the series, except that the nostalgia factor for FFI is so high for me. I’ve become obsessed.

Anyway, for other people who are (planning to) help, this is the list of monsters I have screenshots for as of now:
Aegil - Rainbow Wind
Archeo Toad - Frog Song
Bander Snatch - Blaster
Bighorn - Fight
Bio Soldier - Bio
Black Flame - Dark Shock
Black Goblin - Fight
Blocks - Flash
Carcuser - Hug
Cockatrice - Beak
Corvette - Tailscrew
Crescent - Gale Cut
Crew Dust - Flash
Dearo - Fight
Defeater - Electric Shock
Double Lizard - Fight
Elf Toad - Frog Song
Gala Cat - Float
Galura - Can’t
Gatling - Needle
Goblin - Flare
Grass Turtle - Fight
Hydra - Earth Shaker
Hyudora - Thunder
Ice Soldier - Ice2
Killer Bee - Needle
Lamia - Blowfish
Lonka Knight - Fight
Mani Wizard - Death
Mini Dragon - Holy
Mithril Dragon - Blaze
Mold Wind - Aero2
Motor Trap - Can’t
Nut Eater - Fight
Page 32 - XZone
Page 64 - Fight
Page 128 - Fight
Page 256 - Comet
Ra Mage - Break
Rock Garter - Mucus
Sahagin - Fight
Sand Killer - Quicksand
Sand Porky - Spore
Sea Ibis - Beak
Silent Bee - Needle
Skeleton - Bolt2
Steel Bat - Blood Suck
Stoned Mask - Wall
Stone Golem - Quake
Stray Cat - Fight
Stroper - Spore
Tatu - Fight
ThAnemone - Spore
Whirl Demon - Snowstorm
White Snake - Entangle
Wild Nack - Fight
Zuu - Breath Wing

Hopefully Macc got the email with no problems. In my fanatical quest, I intend to have a collection of the monsters from the second world done by Sunday and get the couple that were too strong for me in world one (I got most of these use only three Trainers at level 19, with Butz using “Demi” on the weakest ones to get them below the 1/8 point without killing them).

Raises hand

Can one learn Blue magic out of captured monsters, if, say, you reflect a released monster spell at yourself by casting Reflect on your enemies forehand?

I would have volunteered, and got the list done fairly quickly (it’d help me procrastinate on the REAL work I should be doing!). But seems you’ve already recruited a gaggle of drones for your evil purposes, Macc.

I would suggest that if so many people are offering to help that you either ORGANIZE your effort, assigning certain people certain enemies, or just have one person (I’m looking at you, demigod) do the whole shebang.

Originally posted by Mabatsekker
[b]Raises hand

Can one learn Blue magic out of captured monsters, if, say, you reflect a released monster spell at yourself by casting Reflect on your enemies forehand? [/b]

I tested this possibility by capturing a Bold Mani (which casts L.3 Flare when released) and proceeded to level up Cara to level 36 from level 35, with the rest of the party remaining lower so as not to be targeted as well. I then, after changing Cara to Blue Mage class, entered a battle against a Druid and an Iron Dress, and cast Wall (Reflect) on both of them, during which time the Druid used the Circle ability on Butz, thus demonstrating to me the actual effect of that attack (removes the character from battle). I then released the Bold Mani and Cara was hit (for 2000+ damage and, having only 1200hp, killed) by L.3 Flare. While taking the time to revive her, Lenna was also hit by the Druid’s Circle ability and vanquished from battle. Cara was then able to cast Ice3 to kill the Iron Dress and damage the Druid and one round later repeated the spell to win the battle. The Blue Mage skill L.3 Flare was not learned.

In conclusion: No.

Anyways, I’ve managed to get screenshots the vast majority of the enemies from World 2, and have only to get the ones from Exdeath’s Castle, and the ShieldDragon from the Seal Castle (whatever it’s called) to finish that world. Are those things still there in World 3? Because it totally kicked my ass, and I’d rather not level for several hours just to determine one creature’s !Release attack if I can avoid it.

Hoo boy, that’s great, I didn’t expect things to go that fast. I honestly don’t know if I got that e-mail already, I keep collapsing from exhaustion by the time I get home as of late, haven’t checked my e-mail for a while. Don’t see why it wouldn’t be there though. Did you also list exactly what those attacks do? I know most, but I can’t recall exactly what something like, say, Rainbow Wind does again.

ShieldDragons… I think those are still in the 3rd world, but I’m not entirely sure. 95% sure, though. In any case, I remember I always used to defeat them by using a Mediator to !Control one, then having it constantly use Blaze on itself. It has a lot of HP (19999 if I’m not mistaken), so you should be able to !Catch it using this method if you keep an eye on what it has left; there’s little chance of accidentally killing it.

And well, Demigod seems to have this handled, and doing it all pretty dang quickly too, so if he has no objection to doing it by himself then I guess that would be best.


demigod is really fast… guess my help would be useless. I just started the game (have about 8-9 hours played) so my party has a low level what makes it difficult to capture strong monsters without being killed by them before. Furthermore he can reach areas I’ve never heard before (2. world??? uhm…).

But if you need minions for some other stuff just say so, I’ll see what I can do.

The second email, containing the vast majority of World 2 monsters has been sent. This list includes:

Acrophese - Fight
Adamantine Golem - Fight
Andagranda - Quake
Aquathone - Death
Arage - White Wind
Bandel Kuar - Blaster
Blind Wolf - Fight
Blood Slime - Blood Suck
Blue Dragon - Snowstorm
Bold Mani - L.3 Flare
Bone Dragon - Bone
Cactus - Blowfish
Conaga - Frog Song
Cure Beast - Cure3
Dark Wizard - XZone
Devourer - Circle
Dilure - Cure3
Drippy - Rainbow Wind
Druid - Charm
Iron Dress - Fight
Land Turtle - Fight
Likaon - Fight
Lunenta - Sonic Wave
Magic Dragon - Flame
Mammon - Berserk
Mandrake - Digestive Juice
Metamorpha - Old
Mini Mage - Fire3
Moogle Eater - Aquabreath
Motordrive - Fight
Pao - Medicine
Radiator - Blood Suck
Red Dragon - Atomic Ray
Ridicule - Magic Hammer
Rock Brain - Death Claw
Sand Crawl - Maelstrom
Sting Eagle - Float
Torrent - Fight
Wall Mage - Bolt3
Water Buzz - Fusion
Weresnake - Entangle
Yellow Dragon - Thunder
Zombie Dragon - Poison Breath

This has most definately become an unhealthy obsession.

Eh… Don’t you think it would have been easier to just wait until you have ALL the monsters done, and just send one email?


Don’t Shield Dragons appear in Kusar in both 2nd and 3rd worlds?

Excuse me and my necroposting ways, but did anything ever come of all this?

I really want to see this information added to the shrine.