Where are the monsters that drop Nimbus/Strato katana, the Dragon/Hiryuu lance, and the Dragon whip?

Where is the Bloodied Shield?

Strato Katanas are stolen from Bodyguards (found in the castle area of the Cleft of Dimension), Dragon Lances are stolen from CrysDragons (found in the Cleft of Dimenson, same floor as Shinryuu), and Dragon Whips are dropped by StingRays (found on the ocean near the sunken Walse/Worus Tower).

I couldn’t find the location of the Blood Shield, but it has crappy M.Defense anyway.

Special thanks to Macc and Exdeath, whose information I stol… er, borrowed.

Keep in mind the items are extremely rare. Like, 1 in 128 rare.

Anyone have any tips for getting the stolen items? I’ve been casting Return for an hour on this BodyGuard, and he still won’t give it to me.