FFV save states

I have no idea where to post this, so I’ll post it here:

does anyone have any save states for FFV thats before the big bridge part? Or know where I can find some save states? I’m trying to learn the bassline in the song “Battle With Gilgamesh”, and you can disable sound channels in zsnes, so I’m thinking of isolating the single bass track.

I have a save for FF5 for translated ROM played on ZSNES or SNES9X emulator but it is at the beginning of the game just outside the windshrine just before you use the canal key you get from Zokk in the villiage of Tule.The save has the airship at the beginning of the game,95 Elixirs,96 ethers,87 Angel rings,87 Coral Rings,86 Flame rings and 87 Wall Rings plus some good weapons.Also all the job abilities for each character . Starting the game like this it shouldn’t take you too long to get to any place in the game you want-I will send the save to anyone who wants it by e-mail.Just specify which emulator you are using- ZSNES or SNES9X.

Try Zophar’s, they have a save state archive.

I have a save exactly there, saved just before (like, 1 step away from it) the Big Bridge just so I could listen to the Battle with Gilgamesh song whenever I wanted. I’ll upload it in a little bit and Edit the link into this post.

Ok, here:

It’s for ZSNES and goes into save state slot 9, so make sure that one’s free (or just rename it).

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