FFV: Place to level up.

I’m about to head into Moore Forest in the second world. All guides indicate I should be at about Level 30. I’m on 25. Is there anywhere in the second world that’s good for quick leveling up?

I don’t know any specific spots, but during my first playthrough of FFV, I leveled up inside the forest a bit.

Though I do remember one spot that seems to give out decent EXP, though the enemies are rather tough. Board your Submarine and check the underwater map for a dot in the northwest. Head over there to enter a small cave (which leads to the island containing Shoat). The enemies in this cave are fairly difficult, but are worth a pretty good amount of EXP.

I leveled in the forest alot as well, Fire magic rips trees apart pretty well.

Don’t level. FFV is strange in that you can beat anything at extremely low levels if you use the right job for the… job. The only exception is X-Death, and the only leveling you should ever have to do is fighting movers in the Void.

I leveled up in the Basement of the Castle where Odin is. The statues gave the most Job Points (forgot what they’re actually called) consistently in World 2, IIRC.

It’s been a long time, but I vaguely remember a castle that had a basement that was locked the first time you got there, but you could walk around the entryway. At the level you should be at that point, you probably wouldn’t be able to kill the monsters there, but if you use Lv 5 Death, they die instantly. That catches you up in levels pretty quickly.

Bal Castle.

Don’t level. Just go into the Mua forest as you are. So long as you have Fire3 and Cure3, you’ll be fine.

Even for Exdeath I didn’t have to level. The game, like so many others is chronically easy.

I didn’t even know about Level 5 Deathing the Statues till recently, I always just used Softs to kill them, which took a lot longer.

this is odd because i m at about the same stage as you and im level 56 well thats just me

You’ll never have to level again, then. 8)

i guess i wont i have given up ff5 because i think its really hard lol

FFV, hard?

You’ve got to be kidding. FFV is about as hard as a chronic smoker with constricted blood vessels.

I found FFV to be harder than most of the games in the series.

As did I, until I was around level 35 or so. The uber weapons never really help much, except for the Sage Staff, Magus Rod, Masamune, and Excalibur. Once you get Flare, Holy, Meteor, and Bahamut, the game gets alot easier.

Using the brave blade just gets too easy, and it can be a pain to get the attack power high.

QUESTION: How many protect rings are there? I can only find three. Seems like there should be four for each member of the party.

Funny you should mention how easy FFV is, since its difficulty was one of the reasons it wasn’t released in America on the SNES (FFVI’s arrival being the other). It was supposedly too difficult (and complicated) for American audiences, and the impending arrival of FFVI made them just localize the latter. Even then, there were talks of Square releasing FFV AFTER FFVI as “Final Fantasy Extreme”, for “hardcore RPGers”, but that obviously never materialized.

As for me, I think FFV is much harder than at least FFIV and any FF released after it. And to this day, I still have more trouble with the final boss in FFV than any other final boss in the FF series.

I honestly don’t see what all the fuss is about. The game wasn’t all that hard. Granted it was more difficult than “kill em’ all in one shot” FFVI, and more complex than “go here, then there” FFIV, but it’s certainly not a difficult game by any means.

I should replay it, if I ever get ZSNES to work again… >.>

Hiryuu, you may remember some of this going on, but wasn’t there talks of releasing FFV on PC for the US audience, also under the “Final Fantasy Extreme” name? I vaguely remember reading about that, but can’t remember all the facts.

I found FFV to be pretty tough my first time through, especially in the parts like the Pyramid, where I didn’t know the value of the Jobs such as Bard. Just as I found FFX difficult once I reached the Via Purifico. But I guess if you know what to do, how to prepare, and what to expect from the bosses ahead, any RPG is easy.

I’m not sure about the PC, but I definitely remember talks of “Final Fantasy Extreme” being released on the SNES. I even still have the EGM that talks about it.

I do remember a little while later all the talks about releasing it on the PC/PSX (a couple years before Final Fantasy Anthology came out), but I think at this point, it was right around when Final Fantasy VII was released, so they would have just given it its real name. But again, I’m not sure if there were talks of a PC version before that…

It’s not so much that it’s hard, it’s just that very few Japanese RPGs were released in America in 1992, and the job system of FF5 may have been overwhelming to American players. At least that’s probably what Square’s take on the situation was, judging from how they treated FFIV and FFMQ…

I may just be mixing the two memories. I think you’re probably right. I do recall the PC version being slated around/after the release of FF7.