FFV foul language


The third file in this page replaces FFV dialogues. It turns into something children should not see, but it’s kinda funny… specially for Boco and Lenna’s lines :o :slight_smile:

Hehehehe! That is one foulmouth princess!:slight_smile:

“I suppose you’ll want me to repay you with sexual favors…”

My God, those things coming from a princess… Where is nobility going these days :o

Wow- that looks really… stupid.

Stupid, but funny.

I thought it was generally understood that Butz was gay. He was only attracted to Faris while he thought she was a guy, after all. Once he learned she was a girl he didn’t seem interested in her anymore.

And all that thing about riding chocobos in the series only reminds me of a music by Gwar (though I don’t like the band). It looks like they’re trying to… On second thought, I’d better keep my mouth shut for a while.

O_O’ What the…?!:slight_smile: Butz sure has some weird habits, such as jumping like a monkey… but gay!!! Jesus!:slight_smile:

I always thought the same as Flint. It’s probably not intentionally done by Square, but he’s certainly gay.

…Let’s just remember that this isn’t official stuff, hmm? They’re all the prduct of a sick, twisted person who coded in that patch…

This makes me want to go and play the game all again. After I have pathed it with those patches of course; except for the hardtype.