What channel was FF: Unlimited on? And are there DVDs? I really am starting to get interested in it…

FFU too buddy

I believe <A HREF=“http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/”>TV Tokyo</A> showed it originally. It’s been complete on DVD for some time now. <A HREF=“http://www.advfilms.com/CatalogFilms_Volumes.asp?Cat=49&Title=Final%20Fantasy:%20Unlimited”>ADV </A> published it. You should be able to find it at most Suncoasts or Best Buys or whatever your pleasure is.

But what American channel if anybody knows?

I think American censors banned the show for having too awful a plot structure to be deemed decent by society.
My hatred of its narrative aside, I don’t think this ever did run over here, seriously.

I swear to god I was getting physically ill every time I saw “I am Fabra, the ancient one.”

Soil, my strength!

It wasn’t terrible, but it was sadly formulaic.

Soil, my pants!

I thought it was interesting. Whenever Kaze would summon somethoing, I’d try to guess what he was summoning based on the ingredient. Almost always right, i was.
Interesting names, though: Ai (as in I)
and Yu (as in You)
meaning love and evening(?) respectively.
Mother: Who broke this?
Yu: Ai did it!

You can buy a boxed set of the entire series in Best Buy or Circut City.

However, that’s a huge waste of $100 imho…

$100? Uh how about you try half of that instead…

The other half’s for therapy and/or memory removal.