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The Gremonik scriptures were written by, oh surprise, Gremonik. A guy (?) who was alive during Ajora’s time, in which his/her gender would not be that easy to disguise. Any severe transformation of the story would obviously happen once the generation that witnessed most of it would be dead and the changes would be hard to examine.

Mary was not the Child of God, the spotlight and deification were all given to a man. Trying to argue that the Catholic Church (And many other religions) hasn’t always been male-centric is like trying to argue the sky is pink plaid.

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Also, just as a side-note: the Catholic Church had no problem with Mary being a woman.

There is a reason for this. If Mary had been a man it would have meant that Jesus’s parents were Homosexuals something the church would find rather hard to justify. Sorry but you’ll have to try a little bit harder next time.

Thank you for your clever and incredibly pertinent comment Killmore. It was just a side note to remind that Mary the Mother of God is worshiped in such a way by Catholics that Protestants sometimes say Mary is a Catholic “goddess”. But anyway…

Mmh… I’m not sure what you’re point is with this. The transformation of the story by the Church of course came much later, and that’s not the point. The point is that if Ajora were female, Germonik would have referred to her as such in his book. And Simon and Ramza would have discovered this when they read it.

Perhaps the reincarnation via Alma & the Virgo stone was enough to make the next incarnation of Altima into a female?