I hate dispatch missions, my guys keep fucking up. Ideas?

Up to now the game’s nice. I like the story, although I prefer darker stuff like XG and the original FFT and the class system is actually good. It makes me want to use classes I usually wouldn’t use. Stealing’s a little cheap though… Sleep + 100% steal is just mean.

Make sure the character you pick is jumping up and down and not walking or kneeling. And wasn’t there another FFT thread?

I kinda want a fresh one after what happened in the last one. Totemas are nasty shit o_o;;

Why don’t I want em to jump up n down? And why the hell is 9/10 of my clan crouching! LOUSY RECRUITS!

Yeah, they pretty much take care of any nasty battle at all, just fill your squad with 10 JP totema users.

No, you WANT them to jump up and down. That means they’re more likely to succeed. If they’re crouching, they don’t really have the skills suited for the job or they’re weak. Or it’s a subtle way of telling you the game hates you. Vary the skills more or just train with them.

Lousy North American earlier release… grumble grumble

GRAH!!! Do I really have to train a useless army??

That is why I don’t accept recruits: They’re crap.

Now I’m going to quote Mabatsekker.

Lousy North American earlier release… grumble grumble

But then they get all upset and run off crying if I tell em to go away!! That’s so sad… :moogle:

…You’re sentimental over random game characters?

Don’t tell 'em to go away, just don’t pick 'em for the job. [hasn’t gotten past the intro sequence yet]

How similar is it to regular FFT anyway?

What are the differences?

Why should I buy it?

“…You’re sentimental over random game characters?”

How similar is it to regular FFT anyway?

Its a Tactics game and the hero looks like Ramza.

What are the differences?

The class system is different, the story is more lighthearted, you learn abilities through equipment (FF9) and place areas on the map (similar to LOM) and classes are race specific, creating a more diverse class network on the battlefield,though a smaller class ladder to climb. However, the class system is built to make you want to change classes more often and try different things, which is neat. The law system adds some variety to combat, though its pretty trivial in the end. I see it more as a part of the story than a part of the gameplay esp when you hit a certain point in the game (along the timeline, but more in terms of gameplay)

Why should I buy it?

One of the best GBA games on the market. The music’s good, the story isn’t bad, the gameplay’s fun (though a bit easy), the game seems pretty long from the look of it (10 hours and 40/300 missions done?), it was directed by the guy that made the Ogre Battles (with an obvious influence, but a good one),etc…

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[b]How similar is it to regular FFT anyway?

What are the differences?

Why should I buy it? [/b]

Well, for one thing, it has a completely different storyline.

EDIT: D’oh …

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blahblahblah, game information- would be silly to quote all of it

Hmm… thanks- I think I actually may buy it

Best part: the first battle … is a snowball fight.

I wish I could help… I didn’t know clannies could fail on dispatch missions O_O

It’s happened to me once. I sent my level one to find something a Goblin hid. He came back with a bruise on his soul:(

But yeah, dispatch missions (with a day limit) are your friend when you need to get a pardon. Just go from one of the towns to the prison, get the pardon, and go back.

im a bit racist towards those stupid elephant people and to some extent bangaas. especially when they have stupid names like “Cuthbert”. I do have a bangaa named Velasquez who i like though, and a elephantperson beastmaster named Melntar or something.

I don’t like bangaa cause they are slow.
I use mostly humans and viera.