I bought it today for 27.88 at Target. Woohoo! More to come once I play it a bit.


I, personally, love the game. I’ve been playing it on my computer, but I own the game. <!-- Only I lied about owning the game. -->

Lucky you, bastard.

<3 emulators

I didn’t really like it. I thought the job system was just bleh since it doesn’t provide radical changes to the way characters work, and the menu system was clunky. No auto-equip, no weapon stats without looking at the changes to the character, and the story is reminiscent of The Never Ending Story. :confused:

<3 Epicgamer

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> Waiting for CtM to get his school ID so that I can send him money and import it.

FFT’s better IMO. Better Job system, and there was no Law system-thingy.

I like the law system, especially later on when you can mess with what’s banned and what’s not.

How could you let the secret out?? Now everybody will be rushing to Target and they’ll sell out before I get there!!! ;_;

…hey, you never know. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, that’s a pretty damn good price, and I commend Target for it. As for the game… what’s the law system and why don’t some people like it?

The law system forbids a certain type of ability/weapon from being used in a battle. It varies randomly.

It basically prevents you from uber powering, since some skills or items or weapons may be banned in one place, and others in another.

I am right in that this game isn’t just a remake but a brand new game set in the same universe, right?

You’re correct.

what’s the storyline? One guy feels cheated by the world he didn’t create so he seeks to change the world, destroying it in the process? rimshot

The law system doesn’t bother me since I always check it. It’s just annoying sometimes when you forget (especially if it’s something like rapiers being banned when you put a fencer on your team). :stuck_out_tongue:

I just found the battles tedious, and the job system isn’t something that’s really all that fun.

Originally posted by Merlin
what’s the storyline? One guy feels cheated by the world he didn’t create so he seeks to change the world, destroying it in the process? rimshot

Actually, it’s “Oh my gosh I wish I was in a game whoops now I am in a game however will I get out oh no I now regret my previous wish to be in a game.”

This is the basic beginning of the story up to where you start playing (officially):

A group of children stand in a schoolyard, a few are girls. They start a snowball fight, you’re given the basics of the game. After the fight, Mewt is picked on more than before, and is hit with a rock in a snowball. The teacher comes by and talks to the opposing side. After all that shit, the kids begin leaving, but Mewt invites them to his house. Marche (lead character) suggests they go to his house instead, and Mewt says something about a cool book. They leave there and head out into the streets. They see Mewt’s father being harassed by two men. They ask for money or somesuch, then leave. They talk to his dad, then tell each other they’re going to meet at Marche’s house. They get there and Marche’s brother (forget his name) is there. He’s in a wheelchair because of some disease he’s had since birth. Mewt and the other girl appear, and they open the book Mewt bought. All/most of the jobs/races in the game flash by on the screen slowly, and it shuts. That night, the world changes. Marche wakes up to an unkown scene. You’re accosted by a Bangaa and saved by a moogle. You start to fight.

Edit: Oh yeah They mention Final Fantasy the game a few times.

I actually found FFTA to be extremely boring. It had a very bad storyline for an FF game, the battles were too easy and it gave me a headache after 6 battles. I’ve tried playing it again since, but I just can’t bring myself to do it.

i got it at EB for 35 =\

theres a target right next to it but i didnt think the prices would be so different… the goddamn first target i went to yesterday was sold out. =(