FFTA: Radio Drama

Just wanted to point this out.

In 2003, Square Enix unleased a radio drama based on the game in Japan on CD in four separate parts. It follows the storyline with a few exception, like the addition Mewt’s awakening in the Ivalice he created. In it, he was crying for his mom as Babus ran in to calm him down and Queen Remedi entered the room moments after. Mewt, learning of position and was happy to see his “mother”, was taken in by the magic he summoned and all his memories of St. Ivalice were erased. It was only after Marche defeated Famfrit that Mewt’s past comes back to haunt him in the form of nightmares.

Marche: Yuka Imai (Yuu, FFU; Larsa, FFXII)
Mewt: Asami Sanada
Ritz: Yumi Kakazu (Yuffie, FF7 series)
Doned: Hiromi Ishikawa
Cid: Yasuyuki Kase (Prince Rasler, FFXII)
Montblanc: Kumiko Yokote
Nono: Masako Jou
Shara: Rie Kanda
Babus: Kumi Sakuma
Ezel Berbier: Wataru Takagi
Llednar Twem: Hikaru Midorikawa (Clear, FFU)
Queen Remedi: Yoshiko Sakakibara
Famfrit: Mitsuaki Madono
Ultima: Kaho Koda
Adrammelech: Toshiyuki Morikawa (Sephiroth, FF7 series)

This has all the same problems as Ultimania: it’s entirely in Japanese, there are no official translations, and any information we get from it would be from an uncorroborated source.

In any case, the things you mention can be easily inferred from what we see. It’s pretty much just reconstructing the way things must have happened.

Cidolfas: Well, the game focused more on Marche. In a way, storywise, Marche doubled as the villian as he was destorying the world Mewt created. But the fact Marche did it out of the fact that Mewt, himself, Donned & Ritz shouldn’t run from their troubles makes him a hero by giving up paradise in a noble sacrifice. As for Queen Remedi, she never was evil. She existed only to protect Mewt from the harsh reality he escaped from, so she was truely a “mother” in essensce.

All this is evident from the game itself.

Wierd, making me actually want to play the game again despite hating the 3 hours I spent playing it.