FFTA question (is this a bug?)

Some two days ago I got FFTA. When I change Marche’s job, his sprites don’t change. He keeps looking like a soldier. I even see the job changing animation, he goes up then down with the same clothes. Is this a bug or something?

No. Don’t you know that the sprites of main characters never change? Also, go Paladin/Hunter :smiley:

I went Paladin a little before posting here :slight_smile:

And they do change, go play good old FF4 & 5 when you get some free time =p

They don’t count.

Does Montblanc’s sprite change?

<As Tenchimaru Draconis said the post above>

Thank you.

In Tactics and Tactics Advance the sprites for main characters never change. This is probably because the developers wanted to keep them recognizable throughout the game.

I went Paladin/Ninja (for 2 weapon fighting)/Fighter, myself. Marche is a frikkin blender.

I ended up with a dual-wielding Paladin with Hunter Skills and Counter. He does some goddamn DAMAGE, can equip tons of good stuff, and has good ranged attacks/ULTIMA due to the Hunter stuff.

Neither FF4 nor FF5 is FFTA, Ren. :stuck_out_tongue:

God, I need to re-download FFT and try playing it again. I lost it in te general ‘OMG Fire Emblen’ a few people had a while back. :smiley:

I went Paladin/Ninja for Marche. Slowing people is so nice, especially since Monteblanc can Stopshot them the next turn, keeping them frozen for oh-so-long since slow makes it last longer.

Alright, another problem: when I go starting a combat, the game tells me to press select so as to see the day’s laws, but pressing select at any time after the battle starts doesn’t do anything but making animations run faster.

How do I see the laws after starting a battle?

Stop playing on emulators <_<

Select should pop up a menu that lets you see the laws of the day.

Fighter with 2-swords and Illusionist Magic

I didnt even have to get in range to kill anything

I have only done 299 missions and am missing an item to complete the 300th mission >_<

I Can help giggling at the First battle. He doesn’t typo!

Big Nutter
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I think I’m gonna have Marche becoming an archer, then a hunter. I am so loving Using ‘Aim: legs’ with Jacqulin and then pawing enemy fighters & soldiers from a distance, and she’s already two levels ahead of everyone!

The problem is when someone has Block Arrows or Return Fire, your party’s damage abilities come to a screeching hault.

Same if someone has, say, Reflex and you got nobody with magic or decent hitting abilities. Mostly applies early on.