To get cloud in FFT the shrine says that you have to have defeted Adremlk (i misspelled that i know) but I can do all the things except the fight at that trade city where you actually get cloud,

so do you actually have to defete him or did i like screw something up?

If I remember correctly at that city where Cloud fights…he’s on your side…did you pick up Beowulf(I think that’s the part of the game where you get him) the robot guy and the dragon girl?You need to get all of them to get Cloud, or at least proceed the story.

So what are you saying, that you cant fight the battle?Or that you DO finish the battle and he still doesnt join?Yes I am sure you need all of these characters to get him…maybe that’s it?It’s been awhile for me.

You also need Mustadio to even start the quest.

One thing to remember, once you get Cloud, you’ll have to keep him alive as he starts with nothing. His Materia Blade is on a volcano…

There is a lot you have to do actually. Make sure you have Mustadio on your team, and then head to Goug Machine City and talk with Besrodio (Mustadio’s father). That will get you started on the aforementioned Beowulf quest. Also, I’m assuming you know that you need to get Reis back to human form and buy a flower off Aeris, right?

As stated before, you must have Mustadio in your party to trigger the quest. You also had to have bought the flower for 1 gil from the girl in Zarghidas (i think it was Zarghidas…) Near the end of chapter 4, go to Goug machine city, where Mustadio’s father (Besrodio) will have an odd looking metallic sphere. Now, go to Goland Coal City, and listen to the rumor at the bar entitled Ghost of Colliery. Next, go to Imperial Capital Lesalia and you will go into a scene in the bar. Some people will be talking about a ‘holy dragon’ in Goland. After the scene, Ramza will start to leave, and he is approached by a hunter named Beowulf. Allow him to join you. Now go back to goland (which is now red) and fight the series of battles there. You will get a holy dragon named Reis in your partyand another stone when you are finished. Now, go back to Goug. With a newly acquired stone, the metallic sphere bcomes a robot named Worker 8. He joins your party, recognizing Ramza as his master. Now you must go all the way north to… um, Bervenia, or Zarghidas…one of the large citties at the very top of the map (between Finath and Germinas Peak) and go to the bar. Listen to the rumor Cursed Isle Nelveska. When you do, a new place will open up north of you current location. Go there. You will enter a battle with a Worker 8 look alike named Worker 7. After this battle, Reis goes itno the temple, there is a blinding flash, and a young woman returned. She is Reis’s true form, and Beowulf’s fiance. Now, head back to Goug. This time, Besrodio will have a time machine, which you power with your new stone you got form Worker 7. A young man with blonde hair will appear, and will run for it. He goes back to the same town where the girl whom you bought the flower from is located. There, you will go itno a battle where you must save the young man. After that, Cloud will be in your party.

 Cloud has the special class, Soldier, and comes into your midst at level 1.  He is ill-equiped, soyou must venture forth and get his special Weapon, the materia blade.  So now, head to Bervenia Volcano (south of Riovanes) and make sure you have someone with either relatively good jump or take a chocobo into the battle.  Have a person in your party equipped with the ability move-find-item, and have them move to the very top of thhe large rock jussting up near the corner.  You will receive the Materia Blade.  Unfortunately, the sword has a poor attack power of 10, but without it, Cloud cannot use his class skill- Limit.   

There you go.