FFT: The War of the Lions

The game’s opening video.


Ramza: Phil LaMarr (Reddas, Tomaj, and Gijuk of FFXII)
Agiras: Hedy Burress (FFX’s Yuna)
Princess Ovelia Atkascha: Kari Wahlgren (FFXII’s Ashe)
Delita: Robin Atkin Downes (FF7’s Genesis)

foams and trashes around in agony

So Ramza’s being played by the same guy who did Odin Sphere Cornelius, pretty good choice. Really liked Agrias’ voice, pity she won’t get to use it much…

Am very much looking forward to it. Once this and Disgaea are out and we finally get the PSP Slim, my spare time is all full up. :sunglasses:

Voices seem very very very odd to me. Call me a traditionalist. Oh well. I’m looking forwrd to it more than their other bajillion sequels and spin offs.

Sounds good :slight_smile:

:too bad:Never really played the final fantasy tactics, could someone explain their plots for me?:moogle:

Kunaikunoichi09: The general plot is a confronation between Bestrada Larg and Duke Druksmald Goltana, hence the term “War of the Lions”. But the hero, Ramza, soon learns of a darker scheme from the Church of Galblados’ higher ups, who soul their souls to demons, that seek to ressurect Ultima into the world with a human host and the tweleve Zodiac Stones.

The Demons, the Lucavi, use the Zodiac Stones to enter Ivalice from another plane of existence, attracted to a ideal human to be its host. From there, if the host is willing to let it in, a Lucavi completely takes over the Hume’s mind and adopts the host’s persona.

:moogle:Thanks! It sounds like fun! What system is it for?

Kunaikunoichi09: The original version is PS1 while the remake is PSP.

Wow! Ou actuarry undelstood what the herr going on was despite it’s mighty Tlansrationuu. I’m actucarry implesed for one.

Now see if you can figure out that last paragraph.

Bonus Points: if you can provide a translation on par with that of either FFXII or DQ8.

:thinking:What do you mean? What does DQ8 stand for?

A new trailer! Anyone guess the music?

The graphics for FFT Lion Wars looks really good. Unique and creative. Haven’t played the original, which by now is worth several hundred on ebay.

By the way square has already been paid for the games on ebay and all the money goes to the sellers’ collectible pockets. Just saying.

Are they going to get a update for the psp so it can get rid of the lag when using abilities and items? It gets annoying from time to time.

Seriously? Thats Phil Lamarr doing Ramza’s voice? Thats awesome! He’s done tons of great voice work: Samurai Jack (Jack), Justice League (Green Lantern), and pretty much every black cartoon character on family channel.

I’m annoyed that this game is on PSP though… I would have loved it on the DS. Menu navigation and targeting would have been a breeze with the stylus.

Yeah. I’m looking forward to FFTA for that reason.
I’d LOVE to play this game ASAP, but there are too many DS games coming up before… FF12:RW is coming out next week, and FFTA2 will probably be out before I’m finished that. 8-( I need to pick up a PSP at some point… hopefully I can get a good deal during holiday season.

PanamaJack: Yes it is.

Cidolfas: To add, Luso in FFT is voiced by the same guy who played Hayner in KH2. I’ll also provide art/info on the Espers and art of the cast.

FFT Movies

Luso’s intro

Balthier’s Intro (“His Cameo”)

I still can’t get over Luso’s outfit. That’s got to be the biggest amount of useless decorations into a single outfit I’ve seen in my entire life. He’s got more belts than Lulu.

Fractyl: Again, please send contributions through e-mail. I’m not going to remember anything posted here. And info can wait; I’m going to play through it sooner or later. Images are good though. :sunglasses: