FFT-related translation

I’m really psyched that this game is being rereleased (even if it’s for the PSP; I can borrow one). Anyways, I was looking and came across the official site. But it’s in japanese. Not a big problem, It seems I know enough to navigate it. But under Downloads, there are three pics, one of Ramza, one of Delita and one of Ovelia. Cool pics, I’m using the Ramza one as my desktop. But the pics contain a little japanese that I’d like translated. Please help.
Here’s the main FFT site where you can find some stuff (all I found was a neat intro, the trailer and 3 pictures though).
Or look at the attachments, you’ll find their quotes labelled.

And if you could tell me the meaning of the kanji on the second line of Ovelia’s quote, I’d be much obliged.


Seems like they are advertising Ovelia as a major character. Either there’s going to be a rewrite, or they are bullshitting.

But wasn’t something going on between Ovelia and Delita earlier on in the game that kinda ended in the same way as Star War’s Ani & Panda Bear or whatever their names were. (Exept for the fact that Delita wasn’t some kind of whinny little emo prick that ended up literally becoming less of a prick and more of a badass villan. That and Delita wasn’t the star of this war.)

Editor’s Note: I couldn’t care less about those two Star Wars twerps as their best performance was in those Clone Wars shorts and even then once was enough.

In the beginning, Delita kidnaps Ovelia and she turns out not to be Ovelia, but a look-alike, and Delita marries her. Whether he married the real one or the fake one I don’t know, but she is somewhat important.
They pprobably needed one of a girl though. I thihnk Agrias or Alma played a bigger role, but the Princess is important.

There was only one Ovelia, the question was whether she really was of royal heritage or not (Thus “real” or “fake” princess).

The point was that the advertising makes her seem like a major character, when she was basically a secondary plot device at best. Yeah, she had a role, but I would have starred someone a bit more vital or with more impact to the story, like Wiegraf.

She’s certainly the impetus for much of the story, though she isn’t much of an actual actor.

Precisely, she’s more of a plot device than a character.

I would like to take a moment to point out that saving a game of FFT in the thrid slot from the top (provided that you have the space) then viewing your save files on your memory card you would see that the file would be designated with a picture of Ovelia which would rule out a rewrite. (Unless they did add a second senairo.)