FFT how to get elidibs

4.) Have Beowulf use Chicken on Ramza until he becomes a chicken. Wait a few turns so that Ramza comes back with 10 Brave (the minimum amount before being chickened). Now, have Ramza use Yell on himself every turn, moving a space every turn. Cover the spaces in an easy-to-remember pattern so that you don’t step on the same ones twice.

Don’t listen to him, for every 4 points of brave damage Ramza takes, he permanently loses 1. With 50 brave damage, that’s 12 permanent brave damage. And you’ll probably have to use it twice. That’s 25 permanent brave. Use Rafa, she starts out with low brave. Or if you do use Ramza, be sure to use Scream to bring his brave back up, but 25 brave might take a while.

Um… everyone works that way. And everyone can have their brave permanently raised (with Cheer Up) or lowered. That’s why my anybody I get blade grasp with has 97 brave before they get the ability. Whenever people power level, instead of having ramza smack around his team, have him cheer everyone that you want to 100, but then do it again in another battle or 2 because it wont stay at 97 the first time.