FFT: Bariaus Hill

I was wondering if there is a better chance of fighting the infamous super monster battles at Bariaus Hill by coming in from a certain direction or if it is just completely random. I’m wanting to start playing with hydras, dragons, and behemoths in my party and this seems to be my best shot.

You’ll probably have better luck fighting in the Deep Dungeon.

I just didn’t feel like going there until after I find my map of all the items and exits down there. I got stuck fighting the big dogs the other day when I was sending just Ramza and T.G. Cid to get him up to par with my other members, but now they just don’t want to show up.

Super monster battles…? Where they’re insanely tough and there’s like 7+ of them or something…?

Yep, 1 of each dragon, 1 of each behemoth, a hyudra, a hydra, and sometimes a random chocobo. all about ten levels higher than you are. Not much fun when you are trying to train just one member, but I want to go in and have reis recruit as many of them as I can.