FF's popularity in Japane

I know we’ve got a few Japanophiles in here, some who’ve even been there. I was wondering how do the individual games stack against each other over there. I was wondering if the levels were about the same (FF7 being at the top, then 6, Tactics, 8 9 and 10 being around second place , then the SNES ones and so on). Is FF10 more popular than 8, is 9 more popular than 10? I was wondering because I was curious if Square is releasing all the FF7 stuff because its so popular over here and there’s a bigger market for it, and it’d be funny if no one in Japan gave a rip about it, they were more interested in FF10/X-2.

I figure FF7s probably gotta be just as popular over there as it is here, cause I can’t see why Square would spend bajillions to make Advent Children only for the notoriously lukewarm American market.

Yeah, FF7 is definitely tops in Japan as well. After that I’d wager would be FFX. FF8, 9, and 6 would then have higher spots, but not sure which order. FF4 is probably nowhere near as popular there as it is here, since here it was the first FF we got since FF1.

Well, there could be lots of reasons for that, rather than popularity - maybe they had a lack of games coming out and decided to ship us something to see if they could earn on the deal. I think it might have been their first SNES game. Maybe they thought they had something new to offer America.

That’s exactly my point. FF4 is very popular here in the States because it was something new, but in Japan it probably doesn’t have the fan base it does here.

Not only FF VII is huge in the Japanese gaming community, judging by this publicity poster for Panasonic Foma P900iV it even crossed into the mainstream :wink:

I dunno, Final Fantasy pales in popularity next to Dragon Warrior. The whole country shuts down for the release of the new DW game. Schools close, governments buildings are closed as well. For a video game? That boggles my mind :o

Ya but video games are a culture there, the is a much higher percentile of people in Japan who are in the industry and almost everybody plays, more like everybody. If that many people did here it would be the same. Video Games are a way of life. They live on a crowded island, got anything better to do?

Hey, I didn’t know people who live on crowded islands play more videogames.:thud:

If that were true, Puerto Rico would be full of video gamers. :smiley:

If they made games in puerto rico then they would…easy…:hahaha;

All they have there is the ball-in-a-cup game.

Actually, we have plenty of native games, like battling with threaded seeds, or sliding down mountainsides on palm tree fronds. :slight_smile: Oh, and we DO have Video Gamers, of course. :wink:

Please explain to me ‘battling with threaded seeds’. I’ve been staring at that sentence for five minutes trying to figure it out, but I’m vastly intrigued with the concept.

Is that like a whip concept or something?

Something like that. We used tamarind seeds, threaded on a short cord. The object of the game was to break your opponent’s seeds with yours. He had to lay down his seed on the ground, and you spun around yours to get momentum, then tried to hit his. After that, it was your opponent’s turn to try to break your seed, and so on until one (or both ) got broken. It’s more fun than it sounds. Not as fun as video games, of course. :slight_smile:

unless they made a video game “Threaded Seed Battle” or even better DOA: Threaded Seed Battle…dare to dream

This sounds vaguely like Beyblade, with the battling tops.