FFIX: Someone clear this one up for me.

Is it Lifa Tree or Iifa Tree?

The former…I mean latter…I mean…

It’s Iifa Tree, let’s just leave it at that.

Yeah it is Iifa Tree. It is pretty easy to tell when people (Kuja, for example) mention it, since you can tell the I is an I, not a L.

And I thought it said “Tifa” in the opening FMV when you first put in Disc 1!

Oddly enough, I thought the very same thing.

I thought it was “Ilfa” at first.

I also thought it said “Tifa”. 8p

I thought the map said Tifa, at first; and then I thought that it was called the Lifa Tree, and couldn’t figure out why they weren’t capitalizing the first letter. Then I finally realized it was Iifa, and things became a lot less confusing… :hahaha;

The Tifa tree. Hahaha. Full of huge pine cones.

I don’t care if it’s Iifa or Lifa or whatever. here’s a question though: if it IS spelled Iifa, how the hell would you pronounce that?

My guess would be ‘Yifa’ or ‘Iïfa’ (that is, ee-yifa’).

I thought it would be like ‘eefa’

A lot of ppl have thought that it was the Tifa Tree, at first. It is Iifa though. It’s spelled Iifa in the art book.

Dunno 'bout you but the Iifa Tree makes me hungry for brocoli.