FFIX - Popos Heights at Level 18

I was minding my own business, chasing after Zorn and Thorn when this stupid moogle bitch tries to tell me what to do.

“It’s dangerous outside! Kupo!” - Moguta

So I climb up the vine and find a monster called Gandura. At level 18 this monsters as hard as Michael Jackson in a daycare center.

I managed to get a pre-emptive strike versus one. Zidane hits it for 1000+, Freya for 308… looks like I’ll have a chance… until the fat blob girl Quina petrifies it with her Needle Fork. ::dekar!::

Did anyone try killing it at a low level or actually kill it?

Most people have the common sense to wait until later before taking on anything up there.

But I wouldn’t be surprised if someone did beat it. it depends on whether those things have an attack all ability, or not. I can’t remember.

Anyway, why are you so annoyed Quina petrified the thing?

During the part with Dagger and Steiner (After Zidane goes trough Burmecia) get a Reflect Ring from the Treno Auction House but don’t equip it. Once you regain control of Zidane’s team, he’s going to have the ring in the inventory too thanks to the item swapping mechanics of these games. Teach Auto-Reflect to your characters (Or teach it to three and leave the ring equipped on the fourth, since it’s not a cheap skill). Also, make sure all of them have Antibody.

Go back to Popos, equip Auto-Reflect and Antibody and step into the grasslands (not the forest). The dragon is the only enemy here, but right now he’s harmless since he only has three skills: A physical attack that will kill whatever character it strikes, a poisonous attack and Thundaga.

The physical is unblockable, but you can always use Phoenix Downs since the dragon is rather slow, the poisonous attack is useless with antibody. The real treat is Thundaga, with Reflect equipped it will actually strike him, even better, if he aims the spell at the four of you he’ll get it all reflected for about 5000 damage (WAY more than you can deal). Now all that’s left is to kill these suckers over and over and reap the huge EXP.

Don’t go for the Garuda yet, it’s weaker but there’s a chance you’ll reflect Stop and end up getting no EXP.

The dragons can be killed by Level 5 Death, too, as far as I recall. It being so long since I’ve played IX, I A) am not sure this is true and B) don’t remember where to get Level 5 Death.

Because that was my best chance to kill one, but that doesn’t matter anymore!

If you want to kill Garudas at a low level, try to get a lot of remedies from the Choco Hot & Cold game. I think that’s where I got some

Moved on to Grand Dragons near level 27. I got Zidane up to 36, Freya 37, and Vivi 41. Concentrated on reviving Vivi so he could Blizzara Grand Dragons to death.

I know this is really cheap, but I want strong characters so I can collect item/monster info without having to worry about dying. :cool:

*** Bah Seraphim! I thought that when it switched to Disc Two, I wouldn’t be able to go back to that area until I got flying Choco :confused: Going to do that though, thanks. :slight_smile: ***