FFIX Jump Rope Madness

The real villains of FFIX are three little girls, espicially Ilia; who tries to distract you from getting to 1000. Although, you can get revenge… by stealing the 3 Gil she hides under her bed!

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had any Jump Rope horror stories from FFIX. I think I spent almost two hours trying to get to at least 300. I managed 236, but after 200 the rhythm is just too hard to get used to.

I want Tiger Racket damn you! :bowser:

  • Oh, and to further piss the hell out of me - my old PS1 memory card won’t load my FFIX file on my PS2. I’ve played the beginning, up to Evil Forest, 11 times already. ::dekar!::

Never really tried the jump rope. It’s a pretty silly/mindless/pointless mini-game.

Gahhh! I hate that thing. It’s not the worst I’ve seen but still a pain in the butt, I think I managed about 150 or so.

A#¤&#¤&"&"#%#/ Is overcome by nightmares from his shrining times

This and the Hippaul racing game are the most frickin’ annoying things I had to cope with. Even “The Ocean” chocograph doesn’t come close, or the randomness of the Tetra Master tournament.

I once messed up at about 975 jumps. Ouch.

Do you have a DexDrive? If you want, upload your file via a Dexdrive and email it to me, and I’ll send it back with the jump rope game completed.

Nor I’m going to. To hell with the key item, I already have the Tiger Racket (I think).

Even worse, the Tiger Racket in question is a CARD.

(Now, imagine using the weapon as soon as possible you can get it… Dispel’s not that great, though…)

Card games ruined my FF8-9. It sounded strange…but still, I wouldn’t bother.

I don’t Dalton, thanks anyway. :cool: 975… ouch. I think 200-300 is the hardest part, although 300-1000 carpal tunnel syndrome might kick in. :hahaha;