FFIV has been released for all systems!!

This is a little old, but FFIV has been released for all systems about a month ago. It now has more awesome to discover! I am totally psyched about this. It has always been my favorite series :moogle:

This is awesome. I always enjoyed FFIII, FFII, and even FFI.

You can download it here.

what browser does everyone use? I use IE and chrome. Firefox is bloated and full of memory leaks

No it hasn’t. They’re missing HaikuOS. I use Opera or Chrome.

Depends which OS I’m using. My Vista install runs Firefox 2.x 'cause I’m too lazy to update it, and my 7 install runs Firefox 3.x.

I’ve tried 4.x recently, I don’t like the changes to the interface very much :confused:

Opera kicks asps; which is a good thing, because they give you poison. I just don’t use it because it has a few problems with various sites, including Facebook. Of course that was a while ago, so it’s probably all working now.

Who uses BeOS based operating systems? Do you?

I do, yes, occasionally. Opera has made great strides in the last couple of years - months, even. You ought to try it again.

I define myself based on the free piece of internet web browsing software I use, and my level of coolness is inversely proportional to the square of the inverse of said software’s global utilization rate.

BTW in case your wondering the unit of measurement for level of coolness is “cunts”, as in Coolness Units. I’m rocking like 7,000 cunts right now guys!!! How many cunts you guys got

Which one is FFIV again? Is that the one with the yellow ostriches?

Edit: Zepp, you’re a good poster an all. But I don’t think you have 7,000 cunts.

I’m reading him at about 7… 7000 cunts

Really missing out on that .01% market share.

Um dude…FF4 is officially the worst one of the bunch. I prefer 5. Better story, better work by Nobuo, more engaging ability raising, it was just a better game overall. I hate 4. With a passion.

We ain’t talking about video games, buddy.

Also, Final Fnatasy IV was awesome, what are you talking about :confused:

Yeah, I’m finding FF4 to be bogus even by previous FF standards.

Also The Wonder Years were completely unnecessary and the midlogue was atrocious.

I was hoping you were talking about Final Fantasy and that there would be a version with renewed graphics for PC, just as they had done one for PS2 years ago =\

Ok, now I get it.

Why would you use IE at all if you have chrome?

Fixed. Additionally, did anybody actually mention IE yet? :V

What are you talking about? FFIV was released only for the Wii thus far, but it was pretty subpar and NoA won’t even touch it with a 39 and a half foot pole. Fortunately there is a translation patch that also addresses some of the issues and bugs, so if you can import it from Japan and softmod your Wii (which takes like 30 seconds and an SD card) then you can still play it.

I messed up, it was released for PSX and not PS2. But it’s also available on the GBA, DS, PSP, some cell phones and WonderSwan. In some of these systems there were even extended cutscenes. I recommend checking these out if you own any of these systems. I do have a Wii, but I’ve never heard of an official FFIV release for it.