So I bought this a while back. And I tried to play. I really wanted to enjoy it. But I couldn’t. I had just completed FFXII at the time and the antiquated battle system made me want to fucking kill people, in addition to the retarded difficulty level. Basically, I BARELY beat Kraken because of the fucked up turn order mechanics where he would usually wipe my part when he had 2 turns in a row.

So I’m at the point where I beat Kraken and then I got access to this town and I need to go in its sewers. I don’t know what to do with my characters to make this game not utterly retarded. How should I set up my classes? What’s the long term objective I need to aim for in terms of how my party will work?


You’re actually right where I left off too, Sinistral. So I got no advice to give ya. Though I’ll gladly follow anyone else’s since I’m in the same boat, maybe it might get me to pick the game back up, I haven’t touched it since February.

I quit by the Salamander, so I had even less patience than you. -_- If the gaming backlog ever gets cut down I’ll try to pick it up again, but as it is now there’s too many other things I want to play. Anything that’s not in my shrine is not in my brain.

I beat the game completely, and I found the best strategy was to grind my characters up to the same (or higher) level as the boss. So, for Kraken it would be level 24. That seemed to do the trick for me. If I’m not mistaken I had a Ninja, Dragoon, Summoner and Devout at the end of the game. The Devout is a must, so train one of your characters as a White Mage. The others are optional, and you might want to try something different than a Ninja.

Basically, just grind and get the best equipment. That’s all there is to it. Plus a little luck. I used this strat and never really had any trouble with the game.

I could help you out with the Thief and Red Mage mastery items, since I happened to master them along the way, want those? You can attach a title to a mognet mail and thus transfer one and the legendary smith supposedly makes you that item.

Mabat: tell me more :smiley:

I’ve gotten almost to the end, but as usual I’d given up at that point. I’d try to get back into it, but Zelda and Harvest Moon have distracted me too much for me to willingly go back to the grind. However, I may go back and put that game in just because you’ve inspired me… a little. :slight_smile:

I was into that game, but my significant other took the DS and played instead, thus finishing it and ruining the story for me :wink:

Great game though. I look forward to part 4 which will have ATB instead of the typical “My party goes, enemies go” system.

Yes I’m sure that your gf / bf took your DS and really ruined the deep, original and intricrate plot for you. :stuck_out_tongue:

3479 9475 4000 <-- There’s my friend code, toss me yours when you have the chance and I’ll send you those titles.

Just remember that you’ll need to be a Red Mage or a Thief to use those pieces, so…

Red Mage gets this armor with +10 to all stats, Thief gets this knife with 130 attack power and stat bonuses.

RDM was excellent all the way 'til the last dungeon (And it doesn’t hurt to have ultima weapon/excalibur on him for the bonuses they confer… of course, jlevel 90+ and anything’s a powerhouse)

While I guess you could go till the end with a RDM, I switched over to a WHM/BKM, as you start to get all sorts of great spells. As for tips, I liked to use whatever job had the best equipment available to it at the time. Really, just make sure you leveled enough and the game’s not that hard :confused:

Okay, I’m rather late coming into this topic, though I just picked it up and started playing through it for the first time since I got it and, besides from Salamander spanking me once, I haven’t had much of a problem with it at all. Of course, alternatively, I have already beaten the nes version of it. Anyway, I’m…Just after visiting Doga’s house, and here’s roughly how my party progressed.

2 red mages
You just can’t go wrong with these guys. They basically do just as much damage with swords as a fighter, they can heal, and they can use black magic which is rather powerful while you’re still on the floating continent.
1 Monk
Okay, so they start out sorta weak, but keep with them. They’re supplied with fairly decent equipment when you need it, and as long as you keep them unarmed and doing an action (be it guard or retaliate) Their class level just keeps getting higher and higher. And since their class level is added to their unarmed (twice for two hands), later, say after the tower of Owen, they become a physical powerhouse, especially with retaliate (if you can get lucky, which is a bit easier to do with bosses that attack twice). I’ve basically kept him a monk and plan to keep him a monk for as long as I can, cause right now he’s my highest damage dealer, and very fast at it too.
1 black mage
Okay, black magic is fairly godly in the beginning part of the game, and becomes even better once you start getting the staves that let you use the base spells for free AND boost your INT. Save you highest level spells for bosses and your black mage will be the main damage man. Eventually however, he becomes a damage magnet, even with his best armor in the back row. Blasting against Salamander and Kraken with your highest level attack spells will bring them to their knees soon enough while the rest of your party can concentrate on staying alive. However, after the kraken, black magic starts being outdone by normal physical attacks.

First change
Red mage to Knight.
Made this change as soon as it became available. When I did this I was hoping it would be a major improvement. Not sure if it was. True, better armor, but it’s a slow progression for class levels, so a slow progression of max hits. All the same, not dissatisfied, and it’s nearly self-sufficient with a blood sword. I sorta wish guard would block damage from your allies before they were in critical though. I’d probably have kept my black mage if it did that. And they are just too slow in battle for my taste. Hit first hit hard is the best kinda strategy, cause the random encounters in this game can be pretty brutal if you’re careless.

Second change
Red mage to Thief
Thief is a good class. Lot’sa hits, fast, and once you reach that one town (the one where your boat is changed with the sewer) it gets awesome armor and boomerangs, so it can be backrow too.

Third change
Black Mage to White Mage.
At this point, what with the loss of the red mages and the Knight’s ability to heal rather pathetic, We’re running short on healing. So, switching over the black mage to a white mage makes up for that, and, once you get to Sumeria and open up the shops, you get staves that let you cast third level black magic and some other spells, and you can always equip a couple wizard’s staffs to push up a white mage’s damage rate. Still low defense, but at least it can heal itself.

Anyway, this of course, isn’t counting the necessary class changes for certain bosses (scholar, dragoon). Also, I’ve never equiped a shield after I got more than one weapon.

Helpful? Of course, if you’re already a decent ways into a game, you’re probably best getting something other than a monk. Maybe another thief? Black mage? Dragoon? Red Mage? I’d suggest something more along the hit hard hit fast, so I’d say against viking or knight. As for rangers…thieves are faster, seem to hit just about as hard, and have a bit better equipment, at least at the point I’m at.

So I’m late to this topic also,but just recently I got the game,and I have to say that while challenging I haven’t found a boss that totally drives me crazy,and I just defeated Kraken today,didn,t see what is so hard about him,so far I’m enjoying the game,but stupid swamp killed me.

Entered the cave where Unne’s supposed to be…got spanked by a random encounter…Haven’t quite got my courage back to flip it on.

Not sure about bosses but the random encounter can definitely kill you in this game :eek:

I’ve had this ‘problem’ with my FF3 game.

You see, Luneth sucks. He sucks ass. He really do freakin’ suck. At level 7 Freelancer, he had…uhm, 15 HP less than half of the party? At 93? (The other being Arc, he had 98).

I made him a Warrior, as a vain attempt of redeeming his poor HP, but alas, not much effect.

What the hell?

HP problems can usually be solved with high Vitality jobs. Although be prepared for many, many levels of said high-level vit job if you want to keep on getting a good end-game hp level… (Monks/Black Belts, anyone?)

I’ll have to remember all of this.

funny you guys should be mentioning this. Luneth is my monk. and yes, his hp sucks ass for some reason. That being said, it hasn’t actually made much of a difference to my gameplay thus far, he’s just a little bit less. of course, maybe if he wasn’t my monk…