Perhaps some of us people who have FFXI could work together and get some info about FFXI for the FFC?

Yeah, because it doesn’t seem like anyone working on the actually has the game. Wlifredo was doing some stuff, but it seems like he was mostly basing it off of guides. Granetd I think he said that he was eventually going to get it, but it is a MMORPG, it takes awhile. Hell, I’ve had the game since the PS2 launch and I haven’t gotten too far in the game. Granted I don’t play everyday, I’ve started over several times, and took a break, but I’m still not too bad off.

No offense to him, but all Wil does is copy out of guides. I remember when FFX-2 came out, all the posts he made were sourced from the guide.

I’m going to have a talk with Wilfredo. After that we’ll see.

Info: Actually, I’m getting my info on FF11 from websites. That includes the OFFICIAL FF11 website, and some setup by players. (The guide sold out before I could buy it. I hope to buy it soon.)

Xelo: And what is wrong with data from guides? It IS supposed to be official. Although in the case of XI, it is true that new developments come along, unlike normal rpgs where they’re always the same when they’re sold (except for special editions.) Sure guides can have errors, but nothing is perfect, and that INCLUDES data gathered by players. And, again: considering that FF11 is an ONGOING game, I hope you people will be more understanding about the difficulty of updating it.

Cid: I was about to contact you about my recent delay, which was caused by my going back to work recently. I’ll send you a report ASAP.

Wil: The FF11 Guide has none of the backstory. Nothing of the great war, nothing of anything. All it has is Quest instructions (A lot of which are inaccurate or lacking), job info, equipment lists, that kinda stuff. It has nothing of the great war, the death of the queen of San d’Oria, the birth of the Conquest program, nothing.

Same thing, websites rpovide the same information as guides. The point is that a gudie/website is never a good as actually doing it. For example, ifyou look at the guides, leveling and getting subjobs doesn’t seem to bad. However, in practice, it is quite time consuming and hard. Hell, the official website sucks for FF11 information. Besides, if all of your information is from another source and not personal, why should I visit the FFC? Why shouldn’t I just go to the source that you went to? Hell, I’ve played the game, the information on the site probably makes much more sense to me than to you since you haven’t played it. However, since you aren’t playing it and are relying soley on guides and informaiton tht is easy for us to get elsewhere, it sort of degrades the quality. Such as the story is quite unique, especially for a MMORPG, but it is something that needs to be experienced by at least 3 people (one from each starting area). Also, Xelo and I aren’t talking about geting rid of you, just having peope who actually play the game contribute. Think about it like this. If I’ve never been to Europe, am I the best person to talk about what it is like and how things work? Sure i can go to the government pages and see how things work and go to busniess pages to get a feel for the environment, but someone who has actually spent time in Europe is much better suited to speaking on what Eupore is like. Same reason why you would want a tour guide to be someone from around the area and not someone traveling with you who went once before. The person who is form the area probably ahs a better idea of what is going on.

Xelo: As I said, I’m not using the guide yet, I’m using online sources, and yes, I’ve already written up the game’s backstory; I’ve just had a few problems setting up the page. In my opinion, we should check ALL sources on information, not depend on a single type. How good the guide is is something I’ll have to determine when I get it.

Info: I’m sorry to disagree, but playing a game does NOT garantee a better understanding of it. That’s because most people just play for fun, and don’t pay attention to the details. Just look at all the disagreements over FF7 that there have been over the years, despite how much it’s been played.

Besides, there really isn’t that much to FF11. It does NOT really have a story. It can’t, because the writers can never tell who the players will be. Our covering of the game will be limited to details such as races, classes, missions, etc. FFC is not the place you come to learn to play; it’s where you come for trivia. Some people might not even be interested in PLAYING the games, but just might want to learn about their stories.

I want to make it clear that Cid knew full well that I wasn’t going to buy or play the game, and he still agreed with just adding the FF data to the site; probably because he agrees that it being a MMORPG, it doesn’t have the substance of a console game.

However, as I mentioned, BECAUSE it is an online game, stuff is continually being added to it. In that sense, having players contribute new facts makes a lot of sense. Hell, I would’ve played the game just for that… if I weren’t BROKE. So certainly, if you want to contribute, I think it would be a big help.

The FFXI story is just as deep as any other FFs and the developers have had no problems getting people to follow it. Just because the developers can’t tell where anyone is going to be at a given time dosen’t mean a story can’t be there. The story is advanced by incentive rather than requirement. You can chose to be a rank 1, level 75 character, but you would be missing out on all the best items in the game wich you get throughout the story. There is a lot more to the story than just the back story, the current story and the true history of the world are things that you have to search for in the game. SE has done a masterful job on the games story, and saying it does not have a story because it is a MMO and having never actually played the game is a very asinine statement.

Yes, but we can read info on the net like you are and understand it better. Plus, as Xelo said, the stuff on the official site is weak. Also, most people play it for fun, but not all. Besides I said that playing it is better than not. Your saying that FF11 has no story and can’t ahev one proves how much you are missing. You unveal the story by completeing missions and speaking with NPCs. Have you read any review of the game? If you had, you’d know that there are in game cutscenes. Such as there is a lto dealing with the Beastmen. The people are afraid of another war with the Beastmen and the Beastmen are growing in strength. In San d’Oria, the Elvaan home and one of the starting areas, there is much fear of the Beastmen rising, hence the quests. You learn of the Queen’s mysterious death and are investigating that, you learn of the war and battles. There is more, but you are obviously missing it.

You still ignore my key point about how using websites is pointless. You might as well just link to them then. Wil, Xelo and I aren’t talkign abotu replacing you, we are talkign about helpign you sicne getting all of the info from guides and online resources isn’t gonna cut it.

I started playing this game just before Info did, and I am having very much trouble piecing the storyline together. I started in Bastok, and Bastok has bullshit missions at first, and doesent get involved in the story at all. Unless you think getting a lizard egg so the mayor can freakin eat it is key to the nations wellfare. I have learned a lot from the NPC’s in jeuno, but nothing i can really put down in an e-mail, in case i have it wrong. It’s not that i dont pay attention, it just dont seem to make sense…

OK… I’ve talked to Wil, and we’ve both agreed that he doesn’t have the time or the wherewithal to continue doing the New Content for FFXI. I thought I had some more applicants from my last bout of asking, but I didn’t have anyone I was actually interested in using. -_-

I guess I can post this here before having to do that again, so here goes: if anyone thinks they can handle this position, please send me an e-mail. The requirements are as follows:

-Excellent spelling and grammar.
-Basic HTML knowledge.
-FFXI experience. 8p
-At LEAST 1-2 hours a week to work on this; preferably much more than that, since we’re so late in getting this started.

Post here before sending your e-mail, just so I know whether or not to expect it. :sunglasses: I’ll wait three days (that’s July 2nd) before reopening the position to the public.