FF9 more popular than 1-6?

As many of you may know, FF9 is my first and favorite RPG. FF10 was also pretty good, as well as FF4. FF7 was an alright game, but the storyline was too complicated. I hated FF8, because it’s characters along with it’s draw magic and junction systems didn’t work out for me. I know FF9 isn’t as popular as FF7, but was it more popular than 1-6. Because my theory is that everyone enjoyed the change that FF7 gave the series, and not a lot of people enjoyed the old-school fashion before that game. Until FF7, the FF series wasn’t that popular compared to the Mario and Sonic franchises(but as many would know, the Sonic franchise has been going downhill). If this is true, then that would explain why FF7 did better than FF9, because more people like the modernized fashion rather than the old-school fashion. But if this is true, than FF9 should at least be better than 1-6, considering all the updated elements given by the Playstation. But I’m not entirely sure.

FF6 has a far bigger and more rabid fan-base than FF9. The reason for this is that FF6 was the RPG back when RPGs were still a niche market. Anyone who loved RPGs loved FF6 (along with Chrono Trigger). Many of these people were turned off by FF7’s new-fangled graphics and style, and as a result were never really enamoured with any of the PlayStation FFs.

It’s true that newcomers will probably like FF9 better than FF6, for the simple reason that FF6 doesn’t provide enough fun gameplay to offset its dated graphics.

I pity those who did not grow up with 8-bit graphics. I loved FinalFantasy and the old DragonWarrior games.

Yeah, I played FF3/6j all the time when I was a kid. 'Course I never understood it, but it was fun :smiley:

Never in my books.
Viva la oldskool!


Personnally, I believe that certain genres do good on certain graphics. For example, Sonic along with other action franchises do better in 2D graphics rather than 3D graphics. But it is definetly true that RPG’s do much better on 3D graphics than 2D graphics. That is why FF9 is definetly Amano’s best RPG.

I think Amano himself disagrees very strongly with you. He really didn’t like FFIX, at all, at least I gathered that from the interviews with him I read.
Also, I wouldn’t really call them his RPG’s. They’re more his characters, and actually, mostly his visuals for the characters (although FFVI had some personality imput from him on Locke and Kefka, I believe).

I’d disagree with you for a different reason; I personally think that 2D vs. 3D doesn’t matter at all in RPGs. Most “3D RPGs” are really just 2D overhead games that you’re seeing from an isometric angle, anyway. Since you can’t jump, the “3D” aspect of it is really just in appearance, not in functionality.

If all of you disaggree, then why don’t you answer this question. What made FF7 so more fucking appealing than FF6 and FF9?

i think that one reason is because ff7 arrived with 3d graphics on the ps1. the ps1 was big back then, and at the time, everything was about good graphics, which ff7 had, thus giving it an edge over ff6. ff7 introduced a lot of people, myself included, to the series and in my case the genre. a lot of people are superficial and think that graphics make the game (though i feel that true gamers disagree with this), so the graphics, characters, and minigames gave it an edge over ff6.
as for ff9, though the graphics were better, they were somewhat cartoony, i thought, (and the presence of animal-people really turned me off). and the characters werent quite as memorable as psychotic sephiroth and the famous death of aeris. the story was a bit more light-hearted in 9, and there werent really any memorable moments. none that stick out in my mind, anyways, but im sure someone can name a few. also, were 9’s graphics as revolutionary as 7’s? (im not sure; ive only been really interested in games for the last couple of years.)

For real now, FFVII was the first 3D FF in history, so the hordes of fans became marveled by:

The graphics. Despite the fact that the beautiful backgrounds clashed horribly with the fucking awful polygonal characters which makes me sense that FFVII was merely a beta-testing for what they could do in the new system.

The story. It’s good. It’s really, really good. Not my favorite by far, but I still admit it.

The gameplay. As much as I adore FFIX, the battles were a goddamn struggle to stay asleep. This isn’t TOO different but at least you don’t have to wait ten seconds between inputting a command and watching your character carry it out.

The music: For some reason I can’t help but detest the soundtrack (Sans One Winged Angel, obviously), I don’t know WHY, I just do. It was a very nice piece though.

The “badass” factor. And we go back to the pic above. The characters were “cool”. I still don’t get what the heck is the matter with people saying that Sephiroth is the greatest villain ever after 8 YEARS based solely on that, but I at least understand the direction they are coming from.

It’s all about the style. Besides the coolness factor, FF7 was more “real” than any of the other FFs (besides FF8, which was a little too real, and people are sick of whiny teenagers without playing them in an RPG).

Oh, no, no, you misunderstood. I agree with you that FF9 is better than FF7. I simply disagree that 3D is the proper vehicle for an RPG. I believe, rather, that 2D or 3D would equally work well for an RPG. This is why GBA RPGs have been so popular, as have mainstream console RPGs. My personal favorite in the series is FF4. I can understand that FF6 is probably the better game, but my emotions still lean toward FF4. I do still place FF9 above FF7 in my list of favorites in the series, though.

Comparing video games is an excercise in futility… It’s utterly impossible to remain objective.

Different games bring on different emotional responses from different people. Some games remind us of good times in our lives, some games were safe havens for us in bad times.

Personally, I was incredibly moved emotionally by both FFVI and FFVII… I was a young(11-14 years old or so), impressionable, imaginative adolescent. The sheer scope of FFVI along with its incredible character development was something I had never witnessed before in a video game. It consumed my days and my nights like nothing else ever had.

Until FFVII… I got FFVII for Christmas the year it came out and I litereally played it 24/7 the rest of my Christmas vacation. I would actually drink tons of Mountain Dew and take caffeine pills in order to stay up an hour or two longer just so I could see what happened next. The sad part is that the game was completed in the first 3 or 4 days. The rest of my vacation was spent getting every item, breeding chocobos, beating the WEAPONs, etc.

Now… Would these two games have had the same impact on me if I played them for the first time right now? Of course not. I’m an adult now. I have neither the time nor the patience to play through an RPG in 3 or 4 days like I used to. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy them still, but it does mean that there is more of a time gap between play sessions. I have other things to worry about.

So, I feel that it’s virtually impossible to make a real and accurate comparison between games… I love FFIX… It’s easily my 3rd favorite of the series. But it will never ecclipse VI and VII due to the circumstances surrounding my playing of those games.

As for graphics… I enjoy 2D and 3D graphics equally… This is cliche, but honestly graphics mean little to me. Some of my favorite games are text-based sports simulations. But like several people have already pointed out, it really depends on the generation you are a part of. I grew up with 8- and 16-bit games ruling the first half of my life. Then when games evolved into 3D graphics, I was still young enough to accept it. The result is that I still love the classic RPGS, but I also love the newer, 3D games.

I have rambled a bit here… But I want to get back to the point of character development. Don’t get me wrong, there wa ample character development in FFIX. However, the sheer depth of the characters in FFVI was phenomenal. I felt for each and every character. It actually got to the point where I would agonize over who to put in my party. Not because of the power of the characters, but simply because I had grown attached to so many of them.

FFVII focused mainly on Cloud, which made the devlopment of the other characters feel a little rushed. Although it was there, it was not taken to its potential in my opinion. FFIX is similar. I feel the characters in IX are at least as interesting as the ones in VII, but the development for the secondary characters just really wasn’t a priority.

With that said, I feel that, in spite of the lack of development for the supporting characters, Clouds story is immensely intriguing. It’s a story that I found myself thinking about constantly. It was just complicated enough to keep you puzzled, but not so complicated that you just say “Screw this weirdo.”

So, in short, although I’ve rambled on in this post, I feel that the only real reason people feel some games are better than other is personal experience.

No it wasn’t…

FF1 had a big fanbase because it started it all and came a close first against Dragon Warrior one when it first came out… (FF1 I mean)
FF2 just had a bad fanbase due to the gameplay everyone keep’s on ratting on. Though I liked it…
FF3 …Well though it is my favorite FF, Im not so sure on the fanbase for this one…
FF4 was a big hit because it was the first FF on thee SNES and I guess people wanted to see what square can do with a new system with greater limit’s…
FF5 had an OK fanbase though it’s, In my oppinion, One of the best FF’s. I guess fan’s were just a little mad that the graphics quality seemed to have dropped. Though graphics aren’t everything…
FF6 …Self-explanatory…

And for the heck of it…

FF7 is just… I dunno. I like this game and all but I don’t see why people love this game <I>SO</I> much…
FF8. Meh. Can’t say much. But it had a pretty good and simple fanbase due to fan’s who traveled from FF7 and see what square can do next…

And to sum it all up…

<U>Fanbase rating’s</U>
FF1 5/5
FF2 1/5
FF3 3/5
FF4 5/5
FF5 3/5
FF6 5/5

Total is 22 divided by 6 which get’s to 3.4. Bassically I did say no but I guess their fanbase is pretty even…

<B>Edit:</B> I guess the only reason FF3 didn’t have a good fanbase is because no one in america at that time got to know it…

I did but i never played rpgs then. I can’t stand the lack of streamlining. They are also ridiculously hard

I don’t know, I mean, I played FF1 WAY back in the day, so I could claim to be old school. The only issue is that I didn’t play another FF except for MQ until FFVII came out. After that I got emulators and such and played the old ones, and I definitely think they’re good games. I guess i’m just a visual person though, as the graphics irritated me, especially in the remakes for PS1. How are you going to remake a game for a newer system and not improve the graphics. Irritating.