FF9 BlackJack

Has anyone ever gotten this code to work? You know, the endgame one where you put in the code and you play BlackJack to the Crystal Theme? I’ve tried 10 times now, and I still can’t get the code to work. Any ideas, anyone?

I got it to work. It’s been a while, though, so don’t ask me how. -_-

I don’t remember, but I’ve played it, it gets SO BORING… but, yeah, you should try it…

i played it ya got to enter in some code but its not really all that great

The code’s long too. It’s so long, I don’t even remember it. All that the blackjack is would be blackjack.

Playing BlackJack with the Crystal theme eh…? I never tried playing it after I beat the game. You don’t unlock anything after you win the BJ games though… right? I prefer playing the jumping rope mini game instead… I know I got well over 1000 something jumps… But I don’t remember the exact number. I think it is more addicting than the BJ game.

OOHHH necro posting not a good thing. This will probaly be closed soon.

Necroposting isn’t really enforced here. Live with it.

O ok, it is just what usually happens, i could really care less. And I have never gotten this ending dont you have to get Cinnas hammer or something like that.

No. Getting the hammer gives you an extra scene within the ending itself.