ff8 page

I dont know is this exacly question but in ur ff8 page is perhaps one mistake. i dont know do u care but thought to say. mistake is perhaps in ability list where is says that carbuncle can learn also hp +80%. If i remember right it can only learn +20 and +40%.

Can you see the little thing that says “Contact Maintainer” at the top right? That’s an option to contact the person in charge of making and maintaining the Shrine, as well as making those corrections. Have in mind that FF VIII’s Shrine is still not finished though.

ok thx, new here :smiley:

Let’s just say it’s in some heavy need of a rehauling. FF8 isn’t the only shrine like that, we’re currently working on a system to get the older shrines brought up to par.

We totally nixed the old FF8 shrine, Epic (along with the Pokemon shrine).

Dragon Tear is making us a brand new FF8 shrine, and some guy is working on a brand new Pokemon shrine.

My mistake.

CoughDragon-Beast “Colour” CoughME/Ttosk “Metal” CoughPier “Stone(d)” CoughWhyImsosexy? “Elements” and CoughFlintedge Colosseum.

Those Pokémon shines will be Quite British.