FF8 Manual

Anyone know where I can find one?
I bought a used version and all it had was the Mini-Walkthrough.
I already know how to play but my sister wants to play as well.
Thanks in advance

Check locally run game stores. They may be more flexible in giving you manual than say, EB.

Thank you. I think I’ll try that today

If that doesn’t work - I have two copies of the manual.

Check out a bookstore such as Barnes and Nobles or Waldenbooks. They might be a bit expensive though. Good luck!

i think he was referring to the actual game documentation.

Thanks guys, I went back to where I bought it and I told him that there was no manual. He went and looked in the used game bin pulled out another copy of FF8 with manual and gave the manual to me. I guess since the prices were the same he didn’t really care