FF7 vs CT Grudge Match


Both are running neck and neck, figured a few people around here might be interested in voting…heh.

I’m thinking that no matter what happens, this thread is gonna degenerate into a flame war over which is better.

Natrually. What else could possibly happen?
Everyone shake hands and live happily on to the end of time?

I doubt people here will promote that kind of stupidity.

I also doubt that people wont refrain from trying to look funny and faling miserably by cracking the lame ass “FF7 HYOOG SEWORD ISS KOOL!!!111” either. Yeah, those FF7 jokes are seriously old. You’re not funny by trying to come off as witty. Come up with a new one chumps -_-;;

Im sorry I ranted. Forgive me.

Bah, WE already had a big battle between the FF7 and Crono Trigger characters (written mostly by Star Storm and me) in the Group Story over at the Media Board, and it turned out into one of the best fight sequences I’ve ever seen in a Fanfic! (I mean a SERIOUS fight, not a “Cloud is cooler than Crono so he’s gotta win!!”):yipee: Too bad it was lost in the hacker attacks we had last year…

My favorite part was Tifa vs. Ayla. I guess I like tough broads. :hahaha;

Edit: Oh yeah, I love both games but I feel Crono was superior.

Oh yeah Sniffles

Oh well. CT rawks FF7 b0x0rs

I don’t think I need to say who’s favor I’m in.

Chrono Trigger, you retarded assmonkey.

Final Fantasy II, VII, and VIII are the only ones I really criticize. Chrono Trigger had such a great story and great replay value (it was the first to use new game +, correct me if I’m wrong). It certainly gets my vote.

I like FF7 more myself, but I’ve never really thought of it as a classic. Not in the same sense that CT is. FF6 is a much better candidate for the definitive “classic” FF.

But what did you expect? It’s Gamespy. -_-

points at avvie

Come on.

And edging out FF7 by the skin of its teeth, Chrono Trigger moves onto the next round. :runaway:

wants Chrono Trigger to win, but secretly wishes that Wild Arms enters the contest and wins

And that is preceisely why this contest is off limits to Wild ARMS 3.

Star hon… here, kitty, kitty, kitty…

And CT. No questions asked, right Magus? smiles sunnily

Uh, if you look at the tourney brackets, you’ll see that Chrono Trigger already did, in fact, win :stuck_out_tongue: (50.4% vs. 49.6%)

How Sad ;_; CT was fun to play like, once, but it doesn’t even approach FF7… CT winning was most likely the result of self-titled pseudo-intellectuals being all “Dur FF7 was sellout lolzol I look cool by saying CT.”


I demand a recount!

no CT shoulda won. Its way better.




CT was good, but it wasn’t great. FF7 was great. CT was about as good as FF4.

FF7 had a character who looked like Mr. T. If that doesn’t make it better, I don’t know what does. :stuck_out_tongue: